Saab 9-2 to use MINI platform – if Saab survives

Saab plans to use the MINI platform for the enw Saab 9-2

The original Saab 9-2. The new Saab 9-2 will use the current MINI platform

Saab is still trying to find a solution to its liquidity problems, and reports that the Saab 9-2 will use the current MINI platform.

Things are still torrid for Saab, with big lumps of downtime at Trollhattan as they struggle to get suppliers to deliver parts when those same suppliers are already owed big chunks of money.

The trouble is, not producing cars for much longer is going to leave Saab in between the same rock and a hard place as when GM were procrastinating about who to offload Saab to.

That ongoing fracas left sales in free-fall, and Saab dealers we’ve spoken to are starting to panic. And you really can’t blame them.

At the moment we have the Swedish Government seeing if it can ease its hold on Saab assets they’re holding as security for the EIB loan guarantees so Saab can sell off some of its assets and lease them back, and the Swedish Debt Office trying to decide if Vladimir Antonov can take a stake in Saab.

It seems clear that whatever plans are in place to shore up the shoddy finances of Saab, the only thing likely to work is letting Vlad in to pay the bills and give Saab a chance to prosper. Any other option seems very temporary indeed.

Despite all the woes Saab are still looking forward, and Autocar are reporting that Saab are going to use the current MINI platform to underpin a new compact Saab, likely to be the Saab 9-2. I think we reported that last September.

But maybe Saab and BMW have only just got round to agreeing.

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  1. Arne Biesma says

    After the 1.6 litre engine deal and the Mini platform it seems Muller and Antonov are preparing to eventually sell Saab to BMW. Which is neccesary to bring their break-even-point down and increase market share. Many people after all will never be in the market for a BMW, but may find a Saab a more sophisticated choice. Though underneath it’s all the same!

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