Saab: Could Spyker restart production of the Saab 9-5?

Saab 9-5 Spyker

Could the Saab 9-5 be built by Spyker?

The key to the future of Saab is possibly the right to manufacture the Saab 9-5. Could that bring Spyker and Victor Muller back?

It’s now almost three months since bidding by prospective saviours of Saab ended, yet we’re still waiting for a decision from the administrators as to which company is the preferred bidder.

From an initial interest by several companies it seems the bidding is now down to just two companies – India’s Mahindra and China’s Youngman.

That means the future for Saab is either a long way off as new platforms are developed to get round GM’s objections to their technology going to India or China, or the winning bidder simply bolting the Saab name on to their own products. But there may be a third way.

Auto Motor & Sport in Sweden are reporting the possibility that Victor Muller and Spyker could be the key to the production of the Saab 9-5 by any new owner, as Spyker apparently has the right to produce the 9-5 under license until 2017. Could that be a way round the impasse over GM’s technology? Could we see Spyker building the Saab 9-5 for either Mahindra or Youngman?

It’s an intriguing notion, and perhaps explains the amount of time it’s taking to get what’s left of Saab sold off when the administrators told us their decision would be swift.

More when we get it.

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Source: Auto Motor Sport

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  1. All things considered says

    I believe that the writer means to say that if anything is to sprout in the bankruptcy of SAAB automobile is that the last 9-5 Saab model could simply be built with and brand name on it owned by a Chinese or Indian company. And that Saab auto brand could be bought and slapped onto some chinese or Indian designed car as SAIC did and has done with MG and . As two separate items and companies.

    And that the concepts ideas that where bought by spyker would be owned under a different name. Selling Saab as Just a auto brand name.

    Although a third player might be in the cocktail with the phoenix platform if it were to be finished and used in alliance in either the sale of the product or the auto name (Saab)

  2. Richard says

    does spyker only have the right for the 9-5?
    sadly i wouldnt think a new saab could survive with just one product again….
    i’d love for saab to survive!

    • Cars UK says

      It’s the 9-5 that’s contentious because it features GM’s latest technology which they don’t want to go to China, in particular. So Spyker’s apparent rights to that are important so any revival of Saab under Mahindra or Youngman has an immediately viable product. The Saab 9-4x is built in Mexico by GM (assuming that continued) and the 9-3 doesn’t feature the latest tech from GM.

      So it’s the 9-5 that’s key in the short term.

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