Skoda Citigo Rally: Another Worthersee attendee

Skoda Citigo Rally

Skoda Citigo Rally

Skoda has released the first image of one of their offerings at the 2012 Worthersee Tour – The Skoda Citigo Rally.

With SEAT having revealed their Mii FR Line for Worthersee, we now get the first of the Czech offerings in the guise of the Skoda Citigo Rally.

We don’t have a huge amount to go on with the Citogo Rally as all we have is the sketch above of the front three-quarters looking down. But it’s clear the Citigo Rally is widened with flared wheel arches and big 18″ alloys

There’s also a roof scoop and a big back wing and the inside is said to be race spec with a rollover cage, so whether Skoda intend this as a real rally offering or a very sporty street spec we’re not sure.

As for what’s under the bonnet, Skoda aren’t saying. They do say it takes its dynamics from other Skoda Rally cars, but that leaves us none the wiser. Still, Skoda will no doubt let us know at some point soon.

Skoda may also let us see their mobile DJ platform that is the Skoda Citigo DJ, which is said to house a 100,000 watt stereo in its boot, a boot that widens from the B-pillars back to accommodate the sound system.

The Citigo DJ will be strutting its sound stuff live at Worthersee

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