Skoda MissionL Concept revealed – the Skoda Lauretta, perhaps?

Skoda  MissionL Concept

Skoda MissionL Concept - destined to be the Skoda Lauretta

Skoda has revealed the Golf-sized Skoda MissionL Concept ahead of Frankfurt, which could come to market as the Skoda Lauretta.

Skoda is on a mission to push its sales through the roof in the next year or seven – aiming for 1.5 million sales, no less, by 2018 –  and part of that strategy is to fill the gap in its range between the Fabia and Octavia. So it’s a good thing the Skoda MissionL Concept fits the bill.

Not that we have a great deal to go on with the MissionL Concept, as all Skoda have done so far is send us a short press release and the teaser photo above (which was a lot darker until we sent it through Photoshop).

What Skoda do tell us is that the MissionL is close the final production-ready design, which it’s going to have to be if our sources are right and Skoda plan to introduce the MissionL in to India in October as the Skoda Lauretta. But the Lauretta for India will be with a boot instead of the ‘compact liftback design‘ for Europe Skoda refer to in their MissionL bumph.

With a design that seems to be based on the Skoda Vision D Concept from Geneva, it’s clear Skoda are looking for an identity which is a bit more corporate, and a bit less individual, than they’ve offered of late. Which is a shame, but is perhaps the price they need to pay for growth they seek.

Skoda boss, Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland, said of the MissionL Concept:

Revealing the look of our new compact model, the MissionL shows exactly the direction our brand is going to take. The world premiere in Frankfurt gives a clear signal that ŠKODA is going full steam ahead now. We are going to present a new vehicle every six months over the next two or three years.

Skoda are planning on releasing the Lauretta in India next month, but the European Liftback – destined initially for Europe, Russia and China –  probably won’t hit showrooms until the Spring.

Doubtless we’ll have more on Skoda’s plans by the time Frankfurt arrives.

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