Spyker Venator – First photo and details of Spyker’s B6 Concept arrive

The first photo of the Spyker Venator – Spyker’s new car concept for the Geneva Motor Show – has arrived ahead of a reveal next week.

Spyker Venator

If the modern history of Spyker (and of Saab) has taught us anything, it’s that you should never doubt the ability of a dapper, self-confident, deal-making Dutchman to bounce back from adversity.

Many would have expected Victor Muller to be down and out after the Saab Saga, with his grip on Spyker forsaken for the Swedish odyssey and his pot of gold imprisoned in Vladimir Antonov’s Mayfair penthouse.

But valiant Victor has bounced back, grabbed Spyker from the death grip of CPP and found a new pot of gold to play with thanks to the deep pockets of China’s Youngman. The result is the Spyker Venator.

The Spyker Venator is Spyker’s ‘B6 Concept’, teased a few weeks ago and destined for the floor at Geneva, and the first photo has turned up today – courtesy of WSJ – and is a mid-engined, 375bhp V6 with an aluminium chassis, carbon fibre body and weighing in at 1400kg.

Inside is said to be typically Spyker with machined aluminium, chrome, quilted leather, exposed gear linkage and the Spyker logo loud and proud.

Expected to cost €125-150k – and penned by Muller – we don’t yet know exactly where Victor borrowed the engine from, but we do know the Venator (which means ‘Hunter in Latin) is about the same size as the Porsche Cayman and Muller plans to build hundreds a year.

Which may be fanciful, especially with Spyker’s history, but we have a sneaking suspicion that lurking under the skin of the Venator could be the Lotus Evora. How else do you explain a new car rising Phoenix-like (no pun intended) from the ashes of Spyker’s demise with CPP?

And if it is an Evora, it should at least be a decent drive and help not just drive Spyker back to credibility, but help Hethel’s bank balance too.

We should know more at Geneva next week on the Spyker Venator.

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  1. Sacha says

    If the Venator is a Lotus Evora then there must be quite a good chance it can go in to production quickly?

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