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Bugatti L'Edition Centenaire at Villa D'Este

Bugatti L'Edition Centenaire at Villa D'Este. Definitely Supercars

We’ve tried to make it easier for you to get to all our Supercar stories by making them all available under one heading – just as you’ve been asking.

Here at Cars UK we strive to bring you all the latest news on anything from a Reva NXG to a Bugatti Veyron. But there does seem to be a distinct lusting after the more exotic by you, dear reader, and I have to confess we too have the same predilection. And lots of you have been in touch asking if there’s a way to group all our exotic stories under one heading – the preference being for ‘Supercars’ – so you can easily read all the latest supercar news in one go without going through the ‘Cars’ menu at the top, make by make.

So we’ve added a ‘Tag’ for Supercars to the site, which means we add a ‘Tag’ at the bottom of each article for every car we feel fits in to the ‘Supercar’ bracket. You can then just click on that Tag to go to a complete chronological list of all stories related to Supercars. Or you can just click on Supercars here.

I know some of the stories that are tagged Supercar are not going to fit in to your definition, and we’ll probably miss out some that you think should be in. For example, we’ve added all Lamborghinis and Ferraris as Supercars by default, as we have with Bugattis. But on the Porsche side we have allowed all 911s to be Supercars – and the Carrera GT – but nothing else. Same with Audi – just the R8 gets in.

There are a couple of other categories – British Supercars (well, we are a UK site) and Italian Supercars, as that is really what most people think of as Supercars. But we’re happy to consider extra definitions if there’s the call, and to add cars not in the Supercar Tag at the moment if there’s enough concensus.

So, let us know if it helps. Leave a comment here or contact Cars UK on the email.

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  1. PeterHeater says

    You shouldn’y just put the really exotic cars in the supercar category. Cars like the Focus RS are proper supercars for real people. Supercars don’t have to cost the earth.

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