March 30, 2015

BMW i sub-brand press release

*+-BMW i stands for sustainable vehicles and mobility solutions Two models available from launch: BMW i3 and BMW i8 Mobility services complement core business BMW i Ventures holding company founded Munich.The new BMW sub-brand focused on developing sustainable mobility solutions has been launched. “BMW i represents a new movement in premium mobility. With the introduction […]

BMW i: New BMW Sub-brand starts with BMW i3 & BMW i8

BMW i launches

*+-BMW launches its new sub-brand – BMW i – to provide Sustainable vehicles and Mobility solutions. How dynamic. We knew the BMW sub-brand would get an “i”. Because an “i” is now and green and cool and everything that sells. We did think that BMW’s sub-brand would be i-Setta. But maybe that was just too […]

BMW “i” Sub-Brand launches Monday – the i-Setta?

*+-BMW are to launch their MegaCity sub-brand on Monday 21st February, which will produce cars designed for urban living. Will it be BMW i-Setta? If you want to be taken seriously as a 21st century company with cutting-edge products, you have to have an “i”. An “i” is the key to success in an on-line […]

MINI-Minor – the new mini MINI

The Mini Spiritual Concept

*+-BMW appear to be planning an ultra compact, 2 or 3 seater, MINI Minor which could show at Geneva in Spring 2011. I guess you need to be old enough to remember the Morris Mini Minor to make any sense of the headline. When the Mini was launched in 1959 you could have it in […]