March 30, 2015

Is BMW’s Project-i (i3 & i8) in trouble?

BMW i3 & BBMW i8

*+-Reports suggest that BMW are getting cold feet over their electric Project i and are considering delaying the i3 and i8. We’re not the biggest fans of the electric car, although we certainly see it has a place in our new world. But as a replacement for the ICE car it’s a non-starter. An electric car is […]

BMW i3: RWD & Mid-Engined – & quick?

*+-It has been revealed that the BMW i3 – BMW MegaCity – will get a mid-engined platform. And it could be very swift. February saw the official launch of BMW’s new sub-brand, BMW “i”, and the news that the first two cars out of the gate will be the BMW i3 and BMW i8; the i3 is the MegaCity car […]

BMW i8 Spied

The BMW i8

*+-We have a spy photo of the new BMW i8, the £150k eco-supercar bound for a showroom near you in 2013. Just the other day we brought you the BMW i3 out playing in Scandinavia so, to complete the set, we thought we’d add to that with the BMW i8 doing exactly the same. These […]

BMW i3 spied

BMW i3 Spy Photo

*+-The BMW i3 has been spied out filming for BMW TV in Scandinavia. We have the first photo of the MegaCity i3 due in 2013. Just a few weeks on from the launch of BMW’s new “i” sub-brand, and we have the first spy photo of the BMW i3 out and about in the Scandinavian […]

BMW i sub-brand press release

*+-BMW i stands for sustainable vehicles and mobility solutions Two models available from launch: BMW i3 and BMW i8 Mobility services complement core business BMW i Ventures holding company founded Munich.The new BMW sub-brand focused on developing sustainable mobility solutions has been launched. “BMW i represents a new movement in premium mobility. With the introduction […]

BMW i: New BMW Sub-brand starts with BMW i3 & BMW i8

BMW i launches

*+-BMW launches its new sub-brand – BMW i – to provide Sustainable vehicles and Mobility solutions. How dynamic. We knew the BMW sub-brand would get an “i”. Because an “i” is now and green and cool and everything that sells. We did think that BMW’s sub-brand would be i-Setta. But maybe that was just too […]

BMW “i” Sub-Brand launches Monday – the i-Setta?

*+-BMW are to launch their MegaCity sub-brand on Monday 21st February, which will produce cars designed for urban living. Will it be BMW i-Setta? If you want to be taken seriously as a 21st century company with cutting-edge products, you have to have an “i”. An “i” is the key to success in an on-line […]

BMW MegaCity Range Extender option

BMW MegaCity

*+-BMW has revealed that their MegaCity cars will have the option of a range extender engine to make them more than just commuter transport. A year ago, when BMW revealed the BMW Concept ActiveE 1-Series in Detroit we had a big old press release. And inside that press release was the small gem that the MegaCity […]

BMW i & BMW i1 – BMW i9 trademarked

BMW MegaCity Project i

*+-BMW has trademarked ‘BMW i and BMW i1 to i9 in preparation for the launch of their new sub-brand of MegaCity / Project-i City Cars We’ve know for some time that BMW are working on a  sub-brand to launch a range of City Cars under the banner of ‘BMW Project i‘. We’ve assumed that this […]

BMW Project i-setta to be Toyota iQ based?

*+-It’s been pretty clear for some time that the BMW Project-i will see the revival of the Isetta brand – the iconic bubble cars from the ’50s and ’60s – especially after the BMW Museum ran an Isetta Video as a promotion. But what platform will BMw use for the I-Setta? Rumours have revolved round […]