Scrappage: US to get Cash for Clunkers

The US is to get their own Scrappage Scheme - Cash for Clunkers

Although the figures for the UK Scrappage Scheme didn’t shine in May, it’s reckoned that they will have a big impact on June sales. Some budget car makers like Hyundai are claiming the Scrappage Scheme to be a big success for them. Of course, the Scrappage allowance is proportionately bigger the cheaper the car, although […]

Scrappage Scheme – the Government makes a profit!

Two Scrappage scheme stories in the same day – and there’s us trying our best to avoid thinking about this shoddy little sop to the car industry’s problems. Never mind, it’s our job! We shouldn’t be surprised, considering one of the main politicians involved with the scheme was that ‘National Treasure’ Lord ‘Mandy’ Mandelson, but […]