March 27, 2015

Ford tops Scrappage Scheme

Ford have made 14,000 sales under the Scrappage Sheme

*+-Yes, we’ve had lots of misgivings about the Scrappage Scheme in the UK. And most of those remain. But it is proving to be a boost to beleaguered car dealers and manufacturers as people stream in to showrooms to take advantage of the headline £2,000 discount. Ford – who are the biggest car seller in […]

Scrappage Kicks in – UK sales improve in June

UK Car Sales for June 2009 - Click image for full size version

*+-Yes, it’s been a horrible year for car makers. Sales down. Credit hard to deliver and buyers reluctant to commit to a new car until they see which way the land lies. But the Scrappage Scheme in the UK was brought in to try and give a lift to sales. And – to a degree […]

Toyota Prius – sales double

*+-As we reported last month, the Toyota Prius – the new, 3rd GEN car – took the top sales spot in Japan in its first full month on sale, knocking April’s big seller – the Honda Insight Hybrid – in to second place. For the fist time the top two spots in Japan were taken […]

Hyundai ahead of the game on Cash for Clunkers

*+-Despite our reservations about the Scrappage Scheme in the UK, it is clear that it has been a big success for car makers who have taken the opportunity offered by the scheme by the horns and milked it for all it’s worth. And none have been more successful at the Scrappage game than Hyundai, who […]

Hyundai guarantee petrol / gas prices

*+-Hyundai is making a real name for itself, not just with a very good range of cars, but also with the way it is capitalising on the Scrappage Schemes in the UK and Europe and the Cash for Clunkers Programme in the US. Hyundai has come out top of the Scrappage Scheme sales in the […]

Hyundai – Top of the Scrappage heap

*+-I don’t think it took a genius to work out that it would be the manufacturers of small, cheap and economical cars that would be the big winners in the Scrappage Wars. After all, if you’re going to get a £2,000 discount on a new car, £2k is a huge chunk of a £7k car, […]

UK Scrappage – 60,000 sales so far

*+-I know, we’ve moaned about the Scrappage Scheme in the UK. It’s poorly drafted, shoddily implemented and achieves nothing the savvy buyer couldn’t already have done for themselves. But it does help the more cautious buyer, and has seen a boost in sales for budget car makers. And that is where we have to concede […]

Hybrid cars driving sales in Japan

*+-We’ve reported before that Hybrid car sales in Japan are going through the roof, with first the Honda Insight being the best selling car in Japan, soon to be overtaken by the new Toyota Prius. In fact, the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight are the two best-selling cars in Japan bar none. And what […]

Scrappage: US to get Cash for Clunkers

The US is to get their own Scrappage Scheme - Cash for Clunkers

*+-Although the figures for the UK Scrappage Scheme didn’t shine in May, it’s reckoned that they will have a big impact on June sales. Some budget car makers like Hyundai are claiming the Scrappage Scheme to be a big success for them. Of course, the Scrappage allowance is proportionately bigger the cheaper the car, although […]

Scrappage Scheme – the Government makes a profit!

*+-[ad#ad-1] Two Scrappage scheme stories in the same day – and there’s us trying our best to avoid thinking about this shoddy little sop to the car industry’s problems. Never mind, it’s our job! We shouldn’t be surprised, considering one of the main politicians involved with the scheme was that ‘National Treasure’ Lord ‘Mandy’ Mandelson, […]