Car emissions – Ferrari lambast regulations

Ferrari bemoan the fact that they are being forced by regulation to introduce hybrid Ferraris to reduce emissions. Every time we get a bit of bumph in from a car maker about their latest car, or the latest tweak to their slightly past its sell by date car – and that’s umpteen times a day – there is always a big bit […]

Plug-in Car Grant – Up to £5,000 off a ‘Low Carbon’ car

The UK Government has confirmed plans to offer a £5ooo subsidy for electric cars and is installing recharging stations around the country. What a lot of nonsense. Last year – even before the Scrappage Scheme was launched – we reported that the UK Government was planning to offer a subsidy to buyers of electric cars […]

Keep the V8 – Dump the dog!

Dogs are a bigger danger to the climate than V8 SUVs!

A new book suggests that the average dog causes twice as much damage to the environment as a big SUV. We’re constantly being berated about the damage cars are doing to the planet. Get rid of big engined cars and drive something fluffy and cuddly, like a Prius, we’re told. Of course, it’s all junk […]