March 2, 2015

Saab: GM decides Vladimir Antonov is a good guy after all

Vladimir Antonov

GM has decided that Spyker backer Vladimir Antonov is not a ‘Red under the Bed’ or the Russian Mafia’s banker after all. So now they’re happy to bank his money. Some detected the odour of McCarthyism when GM told Spyker there could be no deal on Saab unless it showed major backer Vladimir Antonov the door. Which seemed […]

Spyker buys Saab – the deal really is done

GM has finally found a deal it can live with and Spyker are to take control of Saab. I know, you’ve seen headlines that say something similar once or twice before. But finally – after what seems an age of negotiation and a real flurry of activity yesterday – the deal for Spyker to buy […]

Spyker Saab deal NOT done

GM boss Ed Whiteacre has announced at a GM press conference that there is no deal in place yet with Spyker and that the wind-down of Saab will continue. Half the news today has been on the Spyker Saab deal. We had speculation by Bloomberg that a deal was done and that seemed likely to […]

Spyker Saab deal – the confusion continues

We’re getting conflicting messages from GM and Spyker over whether the deal to sell Saab to Spyker is close to concluding. After we received reports this morning that the deal by Spyker to buy Saab looked to be sorted, we’re now getting totally confused. First we got an email in to say that GM were holding a […]

Spyker buys Saab – deal done?

Spyker boss Victor Muller seems to have concluded a deal with GM to buy Saab in a deal worth around $500 million. In what is probably the most public and drawn out sale of a car maker in history (we came to the conclusion that GM didn’t want to sell Saab) it would seem as […]

Victor Muller on Spyker’s plans for Saab

Victor Muller – CEO of Spyker – is still very bullish about the prospects of Spyker acquiring Saab from GM. So bullish, in fact, that he’s been speaking about the plans he has for the future of Saab under Spyker. You won’t be astonished to learn that Victor wants to rebuild Saab around the 9-3, 2010 9-5 and the 9-4X. Like […]

Spyker Saab deal back on?

Saab Spyker Victor Muller

Spyker boss Victor Muller has submitted a new offer to GM for Saab addressing every issue that was causing the deal to fail It’s all of 48 hours since we had a press release from both GM and Spyker saying that they couldn’t reach agreement on the sale of Saab to Spyker and all bets […]

Saab is Dead – Spyker pulls out

The Grim Reaper arrives for Saab

Spyker has pulled out of negotiations to buy Saab from GM, who have announced that Saab will now cease to trade and be wound down. Saab has been in intensive care for what seems like forever. Last profitable around the time the dinosaurs died out it has been kept alive in recent years with funds from US […]

Spyker bids for Saab – Merbanco out

It’s being reported that Spyker has submitted a bid to buy Saab and that Merbanco has pulled out of negotiations. Blimey, it gets more bizarre all the time. On the face of it the bid by Koenigsegg for Saab seemed like a big stretch for a small – although successful – supercar maker. When we […]

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