March 6, 2015

Spyker uncertainty leads to redundancies at CPP

Spyker redundancies CPP

Having geared up for production of Spyker Cars, the uncertainty surrounding ownership and future production has lead to management redundancies at CPP. It all started so well for CPP (Manufacturing, Global Holding et al) when it was announced that Spyker Cars had been bought by CPP. And it made a lot of sense. To all intents and […]

CPP reacts to news of Spyker sale to North Street Capital

CPP Brendan O'Toole & Spyker Victor Muller

CPP has commented on the breaking news that Spyker has been sold to a North American Private Equity firm North Street Capital. The rather surprising news breaking overnight that Victor Muller has done a deal with a North American Private Equity firm – North Street Capital – to buy Spyker was something of a surprise; […]

Zagato & CPP in Joint Venture. Really, they are.

Bentley Zagato CPP

CPP and Zagato have announced that they are in a joint venture. But a dig round Italy’s Companies House would perhaps suggest otherwise. A couple of weeks ago we reported that CPP – owners of Spyker and Bowler – has quitely gobbled up Milanese Car Design Studio Zagato at some point in 2010. Which made sense. It […]

CPP buys Zagato

Ferrari 550 GTZ

In a further acquisition, specialist car builder CPP (Coventry Prototype Panels) has acquired Milanese Car Design House Zagato for an undisclosed sum. In a move that seems to have received no coverage whatsoever, our favourite specialist car putter-together – CPP (Coventry Prototype Panels as was) – has quietly bought up Zagato. For those of you who are ‘Vlad Watchers’ this may […]

CPP buys Bowler Offroad

Bowler Nemesis - CPP

CPP Global Holdings Ltd has taken over Bowler Offroad, makers of bonkers offroad racers. Production will move to CPP in Coventry. Goodness, CPP Manufacturing are busy little bees at the moment. No sooner do we learn that CPP has bought Spyker Cars (well, strictly speaking it’s CPP Global Holdings Ltd who are hoovering up with […]

Spyker sold to CPP

CPP Manufacturing Ltd (Coventry Prototype Panels) are to buy Spyker in a deal worth €32 million Well, we didn’t see that coming. CPP are buying Spyker. We’re big fans of CPP (Coventry Prototype Panels) and their immense skill set, not just in putting together some of the most beautiful cars in the world, but creating some of the most […]

Aston Martin One-77: First One-77 deliveries

The Aston Martin One-77

The Aston Martin One-77 is finally hitting the roads, and we have one of the first snapped outside the Hotel de Paris in the centre of Monte Carlo Regular readers may remember our story last year about the guy who bought not one Aston Martin One-77, but ten. With the caveat that they were all […]

Aston Martin One-77 Nurburgring Spy Video

The Aston Martin One-77 Nurburgring Video

The Aston Martin One-77 has been having a final shakedown at the Nurburgring before it reaches customers in the New Year. We have video. For real car lovers the ‘Eco’ push in recent years has left us a little perplexed. Perplexed and confused as we try to come to terms with the joys of a turbo diesel […]

Aston Martin One-77: 750bhp

Video thumbnail for youtube video Aston Martin One-77: 750bhp

Aston Martin has revealed that the naturally aspirated, 7.3 liter V12 engine in the Aston Martin One-77 will develop 750bhp & 553lb/ft of torque. You expect a lot when a car costs £1,150,000 plus tax. So the Aston Martin One-77 needs to be special. After all, at that price, you can have your pick of […]

Aston Martin One-77 on London streets +video

The Aston Martin One-77 London

Aston Martin’s £1.2 million Hypercar – the Aston Martin One-77 – has been on a supercar run from London to Silverstone. We’re getting really close to the first production Aston Martin One-77 getting in to the hands of a customer (and in all probability in to the hands of the guy who’s bought 10 AM One-77s), and […]

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