New Mercedes B Class Hydrogen Fuel Cell delayed until 2017

Photo of Mercedes F Cell

Mercedes has decided to delay production of its B Class Hydrogen Fuel Cell car until 2017 as it seeks partners for economy of scale. We learnt last year that the new Mercedes B Class would spawn a version powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, and that Mercedes were planning to launch it in 2014. But that’s now […]

Fancy driving Hyundai’s Hydrogen ix35 Fuel Cell?

Photo of Hyundai ix35 FCEV

As part of the European Hydrogen Road Tour, Hyundai are offering members of the public the chance to drive the ix35 FCEV. As we revealed back in August, the Hyundai ix35 FCEV – Hyundai’s hydrogen-powered electric ix35 – is going in to production before the end of 2012, the first proper production fuel cell vehicle…in the world. The […]

Hyundai ix35 FCEV Hydrogen Fuel Cell heading for Copenhagen

Photo of Hyundai ix35 FCEV

Hyundai has announced that the Municipality of Copenhagen is taking delivery of 15 Hyundai ix35 FCEV as Hyundai roll out the FCEV. We recently reported that Hyundai are planning to have the hydrogen fuel cell powered ix35 – the ix35 FCEV – commercially available by the end of 2012, and that’s on track with the news that Copenhagen […]

Bentley Continental GT Hybrid (GTH) in 2013?

Bentley Continental GTH

Reports claim that Bentley are planning to introduce a hybrid powertrain in the Continental GT. Said to arrive at Geneva 2013 and on sale that summer. The Bentley Continental GT has has W12 power since it arrived on the scene as the first ‘VW’ Bentley almost a decade ago, but legislation on CO2 levels has seen that change this […]

Toyota to sell tens of thousands of fuel cell cars a year by 2020

Toyota FCV-R

Toyota is pushing ahead with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and plans to be selling tens of thousands a year by 2012, starting with the Toyota FCV-R Toyota may have brought yet another hybrid concept to Geneva, and may we have moaned again about their obsession with flogging hybrid cars. But we can’t argue  they haven’t […]

Nissan LEAF won’t start

It’s being reported that a significant number of Nissan LEAF electric cars are failing to start. The issue has been reported in the US and Japan. Perhaps the most disconcerting thing about stepping in to an EV for the first time – or even a hybrid – is that the car gets turned on rather than being […]

Volvo C30 Electric: A severe cold-weather bashing

Volvo C30 BEV testing

Volvo has been cold weather testing the electric Volvo C30 in Sweden at temperatures down to -20C We do have more than a degree of scepticism when it comes to electric cars. Actually, it’s not the electric cars that cause us to be sceptical, more so the claims – or a lack of transparency – by car makers, which […]

Nissan LEAF: First UK deliveries

First Nissan LEAF delivered in the UK

Nissan has delivered the first two Nissan LEAF to customers in the UK today. Waltham Abbey dealer Glyn Hopkin was the delivering dealer. It’s taken a while, but Nissan has finally got the Nissan LEAF on the road in the UK, with the first two customers picking up their cars this morning. Nissan dealers Glyn Hopkin in Waltham Abbey had a […]