December 18, 2014

Electric Cars

Photo of 3 Nissan LEAF Electric Cars

Electric cars are nothing new, but as car makers desperately seek to hit ridiculous CO2 average emission targets set by governments around the world, the EV has been revived as a panacea for tailpipe emissions.
Unfortunately, electric cars haven't improved massively in the last 100 years, so they are still very heavy - thanks to the enormous battery packs needed even to provide a modest range - and extremely expensive. Those two facts alone mean that unless there is a quantum leap forward in battery technology EVs will never be a replacement for the internal combustion engine (ICE).
But there are evangelists for the electric car - and we do understand their point of view - but we firmly believe the only really practical use for the EV is as a commuter car in congested cities, as a local delivery vehicle or to produce awesome amounts of instant torque for a powerful toy.
However, electric cars are big news and we strive to cover all the EVs in the news, from the best-selling Nissan LEAF on down, and with more and more electric cars for sale the amount of electric car news does seem to grow all the time.
Below (and on subsequent pages) you will find all the articles on Cars UK about electric cars from makers including Nissan, Tesla, BMW and just about any EV you can think of.

Nissan LEAF battery pack replacement DROPS to £5,000

Photo Nissan LEAF battery pack replacement DROPS to £5,000

The price of replacing a worn out battery pack in a Nissan LEAF EV has dropped in price from £20k three years ago to a much more reasonable £5,000. Nissan has been rolling out deals in various markets for replacing the battery packs on the LEAF EV recently as the first LEAFs now get to […]

Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive – price from £31,950

Photo Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive Price

Mercedes has revealed price and specification details for the new B-Class Electric Drive, available in two trim levels and costing from £31,950 before grant. With the BMW i3 mopping up EV sales, Mercedes are keen to get their electric competition – the much more traditional Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive – on to the market now it’s gone […]

2016 Nissan LEAF to get 250 mile range

Photo Nissan LEAF 250 mile range

Nissan boss, Carlos Ghosn, has said that the next generation of Nissan electric cars – the next LEAF is due in 2016 – will have an official range of 250 miles. We’ve never been a fan of electric cars as a replacement for the ICE car because they are incapable of offering the flexibility and […]

Renault ZOE i – a Zoe with its own batteries

Photo Renault ZOE i

The Renault ZOE i has been revealed as a ZOE EV where you don’t have to lease the batteries, costing from £18,443 after Government grant. The Renault ZOE i has been revealed as a ZOE EV where you don’t have to lease the batteries as well as buy the car, but the sting in the […]

Kia Soul EV price & specs – costs £29,995

Photo Kia Soul EV UK

The Kia Soul EV – Kia’s electric Soul – will cost £29,995 in the UK (less £5k government EV grant), have a range of 132 miles and 7 year warranty. The Kia Soul EV was revealed at the Chicago Motor Show at the beginning of the year and started in production for the UK and […]

Tesla Model X SUV delayed again – not in UK until 2016

Photo Tesla Model X SUV delayed again - not in UK until 2016

The Tesla Model X SUV – Tesla’s electric SUV with Falcon doors and 4WD – will not now go in to production until Q3 2015, meaning 2016 UK deliveries. We did consider, when Tesla announced the 4WD P85D drivetrain for the Model S recently, that it probably heralded the imminent arrival of the Model X SUV […]

Tesla Model S P85D – fully specced – costs £109,000

Photo Tesla Model S P85D

The new four-wheel-drive, 681 bhp Tesla Model S P85D has gone on sale from £81,000 – with first deliveries in July 2015 – but costs £109k fully specced. Earlier this month Tesla revealed the 4WD Model S – the Model S P85D – as a new range-topping Model S with an enormous 681bhp thanks to […]

Tesla Supercharger Network extends to Scotland

Photo Tesla Supercharger Edinburgh Airport

The Tesla Supercharger Network now extends to Scotland, with the first Supercharger EV station north of the border opening at Edinburgh Airport. The toughest part of convincing car buyers that electric cars are a viable alternative to ICE cars (apart from the cost) has been range anxiety and a lack of places to charge your […]

Tesla ‘D’ is a 4WD Model S – with up to 682bhp!

Photos Tesla Model S P85D

The Tesla Model D has been revealed as a four-wheel-drive version of the Model S which, in P85D guises, gets 682bhp and 0-60mph in just 3.2 seconds. We knew Elon Musk was planning on delivering a four-wheel-drive Tesla Model S, and now we know the Tesla Model D Musk alluded to is exactly that – […]

Tesla guarantee future value of Model S in finance deal

Photo Tesla Model S Finance

The Tesla Model S is now hitting the roads in the UK, and Tesla are guaranteeing the future value of the car on finance at a level of 50 per cent after three years. If you run a company car – and you’re comfortably off – there’s a lot to commend the Tesla Model S. […]

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