July 25, 2014

Electric Cars

Photo of 3 Nissan LEAF Electric Cars

Electric cars are nothing new, but as car makers desperately seek to hit ridiculous CO2 average emission targets set by governments around the world, the EV has been revived as a panacea for tailpipe emissions.
Unfortunately, electric cars haven't improved massively in the last 100 years, so they are still very heavy - thanks to the enormous battery packs needed even to provide a modest range - and extremely expensive. Those two facts alone mean that unless there is a quantum leap forward in battery technology EVs will never be a replacement for the internal combustion engine (ICE).
But there are evangelists for the electric car - and we do understand their point of view - but we firmly believe the only really practical use for the EV is as a commuter car in congested cities, as a local delivery vehicle or to produce awesome amounts of instant torque for a powerful toy.
However, electric cars are big news and we strive to cover all the EVs in the news, from the best-selling Nissan LEAF on down, and with more and more electric cars for sale the amount of electric car news does seem to grow all the time.
Below (and on subsequent pages) you will find all the articles on Cars UK about electric cars from makers including Nissan, Tesla, BMW and just about any EV you can think of.

China to boost electric cars with 30% Government EV fleet

Photo BYD E6 EV

The Chinese government has ordered its officials to boost the take-up of electric cars for official uses with a  requirement for 30% EVs by 2017. The UK government has just announced its commitment to use electric cars for its own vehicles in an effort to boost the take-up of EVs, but China is going even […]

Tesla’s BMW 3-Series competitor will be the Tesla Model III

Photo elon Musk Tesla Model II

The next new Tesla – a smaller saloon to take on cars like the BMW 3-Series, Mercedes C-Class and Jaguar XE – will be the Tesla Model 3. Due to be revealed in 2016. The next Tesla car to hit showrooms (well, online orders certainly) will be the Tesla Model X SUV, a high-riding take […]

Hyundai ix35 FCEV completes record distance on a tank of hydrogen

Photo Hyundai ix35 FCEV completes record distance on a tank of hydrogen

The Hyundai ix35 FCEV hydrogen compact SUV has broken records for the longest distance by a hydrogen-powered car on a single tank – 435 miles. Now the Hyundai ix35 FCEV (the hydrogen-powered version of Hyundai’s iz35) is starting to move out in to the real world (in a small way) Hyundai are keen to shout […]

Tesla Model X Electric SUV production confirmed for early 2015

Photo Tesla Model X SUV

The Tesla Model X SUV will go in to production in early 2015 after production prototypes are built in Autumn 2014, Tesla confirms in an email to Model X buyers. The Tesla Model S electric car has been a bigger success than anyone could have guessed, and is probably the only electric car that offers […]

Tesla opens up its electric car patents to encourage EV growth

Photo Elon Musk Tesla EV patents

In a move that has been widely expected, Elon Musk has announced that Tesla will allow car makers free access to its electric car patents to promote EV sales. When we reported earlier this week that the Tesla Model S has launched in the UK, we also reported that it seemed Tesla were planning to free […]

Kia Soul EV goes in to production for UK and Europe

Photo Kia Soul EV Production

Production of the electric Kia Soul for the export market has begun in South Korea ahead of its arrival in the UK and Europe later in 2014. The electric Kia Soul was revealed at the Chicago Motor Show back in February, with Kia promising it would go on sale in the UK and Europe late […]

Tesla Model S EV UK launch – Tesla considering patent giveaway

Photo Elon Musk launches RHD Model S in UK

The Tesla Model S has launched in the UK in right hand drive, and Tesla boss, Elon Musk, hints at freeing up Tesla’s EV patents to encourage EV growth. The electric Tesla Model S – probably the only electric car that makes sense – has finally been launched in the UK in right hand drive, […]

EVs are Dead, Long Live Tesla says Morgan Stanley analyst

Photo Tesla Model S

Investment bank Morgan Stanley has declared that the electric car experiment is a failure, with only Tesla managing to make a success of EVs. The experiment of getting the car buying public to believe an electric car is a sensible alternative to an ICE car isn’t an unmitigated failure – but it’s close. And now […]

Top Gear’s James May is buying a BMW i3 electric car (with a range extender)

Photo James May BMW i3 EV

Captain Slow – Top Gear’s James May – has revealed he’s taking the plunge in to electric cars by buying a range extender BMW i3 EV. Petrolheads will be up in arms at the perceived betrayal of the petrolhead code of conduct by James May, as he reveals he’s buying in to electric cars by […]

Fiat 500e EV LOSES $14,000 on every one sold – so please don’t buy, says Marchionne

Photo Fiat 500e

Fiat boss Sergio Marchionne has asked that no one goes out and buys the electric Fiat 500e because very time that happens Fiat loses $14,000. The electric Fiat 500e arrived as a concept at the Detroit Auto Show in 2010 and finally arrived as a production reality at the Los Angeles Show in 2012 before […]

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