Electric Cars

Photo of 3 Nissan LEAF Electric Cars

Electric cars are nothing new, but as car makers desperately seek to hit ridiculous CO2 average emission targets set by governments around the world, the EV has been revived as a panacea for tailpipe emissions.
Unfortunately, electric cars haven't improved massively in the last 100 years, so they are still very heavy - thanks to the enormous battery packs needed even to provide a modest range - and extremely expensive. Those two facts alone mean that unless there is a quantum leap forward in battery technology EVs will never be a replacement for the internal combustion engine (ICE).
But there are evangelists for the electric car - and we do understand their point of view - but we firmly believe the only really practical use for the EV is as a commuter car in congested cities, as a local delivery vehicle or to produce awesome amounts of instant torque for a powerful toy.
However, electric cars are big news and we strive to cover all the EVs in the news, from the best-selling Nissan LEAF on down, and with more and more electric cars for sale the amount of electric car news does seem to grow all the time.
Below (and on subsequent pages) you will find all the articles on Cars UK about electric cars from makers including Nissan, Tesla, BMW and just about any EV you can think of.

Electric Aston Martin Rapide with 800bhp and 4WD on the way: OFFICIAL

Photo Aston Martin Rapide EV on the way

New Aston Martin boss Andy Palmer has confirmed that AML are working on an all electric Rapide with four-wheel-drive and 800bhp. Expected by 2017. It looks like even Aston Martin are not immune from looking at ULEVs as a way of garnering new customers and, perhaps more importantly, allowing their low emissions to off-set the […]

Tesla Charging Snake looks like ALIEN technology (video)

Image of Tesla Charging Snake Video

Tesla has revealed a robotic charging snake that automatically hooks up when you drive in your garage. But it looks more likely to swallow owners whole. Elon Musk has been threatening to build an automatic charging module so owners of the Model S (and soon the Model X too) don’t have to exert themselves by plugging […]