March 31, 2015

2011 Ford Mondeo debuts +video

The Ford Mondeo 2011

*+-We have details of the 2011 Ford Mondeo – which has debuted at the Moscow Motor Show – including prices, specifications, photos and video. Ford has revealed the 2011 Ford Mondeo this morning at the Moscow Motor Show, and although we’ve already told you much of what’s on offer it seems worthwhile recapping, plus we have some new photos […]

2011 Ford Mondeo: Moscow debut

The Ford Mondeo 2011

*+-Ford has nipped and tucked the Mondeo for 2011 – and fitted new engines – and will debut it at the Moscow Motor Show in August. On sale October. Ford have given the Mondeo a tweak or two to keep it fresh and have decided the ideal place to debut it is at the Moscow Motor Show in August. […]

Ford Mondeo new engines – detail and prices

The Ford Mondeo 2010

*+-Ford has sent us details of the new engines – and double-clutch ‘box – for the 2010 Mondeo. A new EcoBoost petrol and three tweaked and improved diesels on offer. Back in February, in the run-up to this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Ford let us know that it was planning on fitting new engines to […]

Ford Mondeo / Ford Kuga get new engines: Ford Geneva News

*+-Ford is introducing new engines for the Mondeo and Kuga at the Geneva Motor Show, and will also take the 2011 Ford Focus and 2010 C-Max & Grand C-Max. The next week or two is going to be a busy time with the Geneva Motor Show looming on the horizon. And this morning it’s the turn of […]