March 6, 2015

Car emissions – Ferrari lambast regulations

Ferrari bemoan the fact that they are being forced by regulation to introduce hybrid Ferraris to reduce emissions. Every time we get a bit of bumph in from a car maker about their latest car, or the latest tweak to their slightly past its sell by date car – and that’s umpteen times a day – there is always a big bit […]

UK car buyers don’t care about CO2 emissions

Car buyers have decided that the environment is of little or no concern with only 1 in 5 buyers considering the emissions of a car when buying. I know, we bang on about the nonsense of having CO2 targets for everything we buy, sell, rent or use. And bang on even more about the absolute […]

Climate Change & Cars: The Debate

In an effort to open up a debate on Climate Change / Global Warming and the role of cars, we’re inviting readers to submit their argument for publication. The headline is something of a misnomer. There is precious little debate on the effect that car use is having on the Global Warming issue. You may […]

Keep the V8 – Dump the dog!

Dogs are a bigger danger to the climate than V8 SUVs!

A new book suggests that the average dog causes twice as much damage to the environment as a big SUV. We’re constantly being berated about the damage cars are doing to the planet. Get rid of big engined cars and drive something fluffy and cuddly, like a Prius, we’re told. Of course, it’s all junk […]

Cars Cause Global Warming – is the myth about to be debunked?

UK car buyers care little for CO2 emissions

Our views are well known on the whole climate change and ‘Cars kill the Planet’ ethos that has become received wisdom in the last decade. It isn’t a popular view and, in the eyes of many, is akin to being a holocaust denier. But we see no sense in the arguments that exist which claim […]

Cars aren’t to blame for Global Warming – it’s down to fat people!

Being fat creates an extra tonne of Co2 emissions a year

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicines has claimed that fat people cause more greenhouse gas problems than cars.

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