March 29, 2015

Chevy Volt to take on Vauxhall Ampera in Europe

Chevy Volt & Vauxhall Ampera in Europe

*+-It’s been revealed that GM intends to sell the Chevy Volt alongside the Opel/Vauxhall Ampera in Europe – and at a lower price. They’ve been hyped for a very long time – the Chevy Volt and Vauxhall Ampera – and 2011 is the year that both hit the roads. You don’t have to be an out […]

Opel Ampera Euro price €42,900

*+-Opel has revealed that the Euro price for the range-extender Opel Ampera will be €42,900, equivalent to £36,500 It’s always the case that early adopters of new technology pay the price of being the first to adopt a new product or technology. Economies of scale haven’t kicked in and manufacturers are often trying to recoup […]

Chevy Volt / Vauxhall Ampera: It’s just an ordinary hybrid

*+-GM has admitted that the Volt is not a pure range extender electric vehicle after all. It is in fact just a plain old hybrid. Yes, the headline is a bit dramatic and a bit disingenuous. But no more so than the barking mad claims made by GM for the Volt. How many hundreds of miles […]

Chevy Volt / Vauxhall Ampera doesn’t work

*+-It’s being reported that GM are re-engineering the Volt/Ampera to be driven by the engine as it’s range extender technology fails in the real world. That’s quite a headline. The technology that’s supposed to be the saviour of GM doesn’t work. Or at least not well enough. It seems that GM are about to re-engineer […]

Chevy Volt to take on Vauxhall Ampera in UK

*+-The deal to buy Vauxhall / Opel in Europe by Magna from the beleagured GM is all but done and dusted. But we were surprised to learn that Vauxhall / Opel will not be allowed to sell cars in the US. Perfectly understandable why GM would want that but, considering how much stronger the product […]