Focus RS – off to the land down under

Better late than never, Ford has decided that the Australians are worthy after all, and they will get an allocation of 315 Focus RS by the end of 2010. The Yanks aren’t impressed that Ford hasn’t seen fit to take the most impressive RS in years – the Focus RS – to the Land of […]

Ford Focus RS (2009) Price & Specifications

Full details of Ford’s Focus RS (2009) specifications and price. We recently managed to get round to doing a test / review of the might Focus RS. As you will probably already know, it is a mighty achievement. Ford’s clever RevoKnuckle system has managed to tame – if not completely eradicate – the dreaded torque-steer […]

Focus RS Review – Part 2

Part 2 of our road test / review of the 2009 Focus RS The suspension if firm but not crashy-bashy. You could poodle to work in the rush hour every day and not need a season ticket to the Chiropractors. It feels firm when you’re tearing up the country roads, but reassuringly firm – not […]

Focus RS Review

The Ford Focus RS

We finally do a 2009 Focus RS Test, spending some time to review Ford’s performance Focus. I may not hail from Essex – Ford’s home in the UK – but I’ve lived here for the biggest part of my life. So although I never indulged in the Essex-boy blinging of the most prosaic cars on […]