Tesla Charging Snake looks like ALIEN technology (video)

Image of Tesla Charging Snake Video

Tesla Charging Snake looks like ALIEN technology

Tesla has revealed a robotic charging snake that automatically hooks up when you drive in your garage. But it looks more likely to swallow owners whole.

Elon Musk has been threatening to build an automatic charging module so owners of the Model S (and soon the Model X too) don’t have to exert themselves by plugging their car in to re-charge. And it seems ‘threatening’ is the key word now we’ve seen the Tesla Charging Snake in action (video below).

The charging snake is a disconcerting articulated metal tentacle that seems to sniff out the Tesla’s charging point before docking itself and delivering charge.

The trouble is, it looks more like something from Alien than a car accessory, and we can’t actually decide whether the charging snake is intimidating or sensual. Perhaps it’s both?

Maybe the Tesla designers set out to create something that would cause a strong reaction, or maybe they see the beauty in its abilities, rather than the creepiness of its actions.

Whether this prototype charging snake will make it to market we don’t yet know, but if it does it will probably serve as a deterrent to garage thieves too – especially if its starts to probe them looking for an available orifice.

Tesla Charging Snake Video

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  1. Zobeid Zuma says

    This is all about self-driving cars. If an electric car can drive itself to a parking spot automatically, then it will need to plug in automatically as well.

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