Tesla ‘D’ is a 4WD Model S – with up to 682bhp!

The Tesla Model D has been revealed as a four-wheel-drive version of the Model S which, in P85D guises, gets 682bhp and 0-60mph in just 3.2 seconds.

Photos Tesla Model S P85D

The Tesla Model S P85D – 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds

We knew Elon Musk was planning on delivering a four-wheel-drive Tesla Model S, and now we know the Tesla Model D Musk alluded to is exactly that – a dual motor Model S. But it gets more interesting.

It gets more interesting because Tesla has come up with more than one 4WD Model S, with the Model S 60D and 85D getting a 188bhp motor on both front and rear axles, with the 60D getting to 62mph in 5.7 seconds with a range of 225 miles and the 85D getting to 60mph in 5.2 seconds with a range of 295 miles.

But the really interesting 4WD Model S is the P85D which gets a 211 bhp motor to add to the regular rear-wheel-drive’s motor to deliver a frankly astonishing 682bhp and 687lb/ft of torque, enough to get to 60mph in a scant 3.2 seconds and on to a limited 155mph. Making the Tesla Model S P85D the fastest four-door saloon – in the world.

Also added to the Model S mix (and no doubt the Model X when that arrives soon) is ‘Autopilot’ which will let the car park itself and drive itself to your front door from the garage (it could drive on roads using GPS and sonar – but that’s not legal – yet).

The new Tesla Model S dual drive models are now on sale in the UK, although Tesla hasn’t yet revealed how much they will cost. But in the US the regular 4WD option for the 60D and 85D add around £2,500 to the price and the P85D costs an extra £9,000. Expect that to be a bit more in the UK.

But it will still mean the new Tesla Model S P85D will cost under £100k, be four-wheel-drive, get to 60mph in 3.2 seconds and have a range of 275 miles.

Which is rather astonishing, and makes us want a Tesla Model X P85D very badly.

Tesla Model S 60D, 85D & P85D Specs

0–60 mph Acceleration

60D: 5.7 seconds
85D: 5.2 seconds
P85D: 3.2 seconds


60D: 362 lb-ft — 181 lb-ft front, 181 lb-ft rear
85D: 362 lb-ft — 181 lb-ft front, 181 lb-ft rear
P85D: 687 lb-ft — 244 lb-ft front, 443 lb-ft rear

Electric Motor Output

60D: 376 hp—188 hp front, 188 hp rear (vs 380 hp rear)
85D: 376 hp—188 hp front, 188 hp rear (vs 380 hp rear)
P85D: 691 hp—221 hp front, 470 hp rear (vs 470 hp)

Battery Range

60D: 225 miles
85D: 295 miles
P85D: 275 miles


 Source: Road & Track

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