Tesla Roadster: RHD hits the UK – Tesla Roadster production to end in 2011

The Tesla Roadster RHD

Tesla has launched a RHD version of the Tesla Roadster

Tesla has announced the launch of a RHD Tesla Roadster, and it has been revealed that the Tesla Roadster will end production in 2011.

A right hand drive Tesla Roadster is something that should help Tesla shift more cars in the UK – and other RHD markets as well – so it’s welcome news that Tesla has announced you can now order up your Roadster in RHD for £86,950.

Tesla has titivated the Roadster a bit for the RHD launch, adding a new sound system and some extra soundproofing. It also looks as if – judging from the picture they sent us – that they thought a picture of the RHD Tesla taken in the rain would make UK buyers feel at home. So now you’re convinced by a Tesla Roadster in familiar damp surroundings you can pop down to Tesla London and have a look and a drive.

But if you do want a Tesla Roadster it looks like you might have to get a bit of a shake on. It’s been revealed that Tesla is to end production of the Roadster in 2011. It would appear that Lotus are going to be readying a new Elise/Exige by then so the donor platform won’t be available. Which is a bit a bad news for Tesla and could cause them more than a few problems.

The Tesla Model S isn’t due to hit the roads until 2012. Which means that Tesla are likely to have at least a year without revenue. And that’s always supposing that they actually manage to build the Tesla S in the first place. Tesla say the new Tesla Roadster will be available from 2013, but that presupposes they manage to fund and build the Tesla S in time – and bring it in at the low price they’ve bandied around. If not, they will be struggling.

So it could be a case of buy the RHD Tesla Roadster now – or maybe not at all.

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