The only Ferrari motorbike in the world sells for £85k

Ferrari Motorbike

The only Ferrari Motorbike in the world sells for £85k

The only Ferrari motorcycle ever made – as a tribute to Enzo Ferrari – has sold at auction for £85,000.

Ferrari don’t make motorbikes, and Cars UK don’t really do motorbikes either. But when the only motorbike ever to wear a Ferrari badge goes up for sale we had to take notice.

This Ferrari motorcycle was built by bike maker David Kay – who previously worked for MV Agusta – after he wrote to Ferrari after the death of Enzo Ferrari asking if they would sanction the creation of a motorbike in his honour. To Kay’s surprise they agreed and the only Ferrari motorbike – ‘In the World’ – was created.

It’s not the most super of super bikes and it’s only real appeal is the fact it’s a Ferrari motorbike. It has a 900cc in-line four engine and aluminium bodywork complete with a set of Testarossa vents.

It took Kay five years from getting permission to build the Ferrari motorbike to selling it – for an unknown sum – to a British collector who’s had it in his drawing room as a work of art ever since.

This isn’t the first time the Ferrari ‘900’ bike has come up for sale. In 2008 it failed to reach a reserve of £180,000 in auction and it’s even turned up on eBay for £250k.

But now it’s gone for £85k, no doubt to decorate someone else’s drawing room.

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