Top Gear builds Electric Car

Top Gear's Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust Electric Car

Top Gear’s Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust Electric Car

Episode 2 of the latest Top Gear series airs tonight with the boys building an electric TVR and driving the Audi R8 V10 and Corvette ZR-1.

Update: As Top Gear gave their electric car to Autocar to test (they should have given it to Cars UK!), we thought we’d update this post with the Autocar test video (at the end of this article).

With a new series of Top Gear starting last week – Top Gear does Romania being the main piece – we suddenly remembered that you all love Top Gear as much as we do when we had tens of thousands of you arriving to have a look at the piece we did earlier this year when the boys were actually in Romania.

So in case any of you pass by here today – and having had a hard Saturday night your brain’s not sure what day it is – we thought we’d remind you the boys are back with another new Top Gear episode tonight at 9pm. And what delights is Top Gear offering up this week?

You won’t be surprised – especially if you looked at the headline – that they’re going ‘Green’ with a home made electric car. This time it appears they’re taking a TVR, some wood and a bit of electrickery to cobble together another in the line of Top Gear specials which includes amphibious cars, stretch limos and convertible people carriers.

Also on offer is a showdown between the European Audi R8 V10 and the American Corvette ZR-1, which should make for some good – and very quick – footage. I think we can see where this is likely to go as Clarkson has recently been quoted as saying that the R8 V10 is the best car – ever.

Should be fun.

Top Gear build Electric car Autocar test video

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  1. Dave says

    Come on Clarkie, get with it.  This is only a laugh….go test the Tesla, then make your comments.  Electric is the future, but of course, you just want to be a BIG BOYand show off.  If you can be serious for just a few seconds, maybe, just maybe you could make a serious contribution to future motoring!!!!!!!!!!

    Get with it and do something useful,


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