Top Gear has to have women – official!

Is it goodbye Jeremy, hello Sabine for Top Gear!

Is it goodbye Jeremy, hello Sabine for Top Gear?!

In more mad tinkering by the disingenuous Harriet Harman, it has been revealed that her new legislation on equality in the workplace will be extended to the broadcast media. Which could mean that Top Gear will have to include women in its presenter line-up.

You really couldn’t make this up, but New Labour are intent in meddling in every aspect of our lives. The new legislation will require all business to have a sex and racial mix equivalent to the general makeup of the population. Which means at least a token woman for Top Gear (strictly speaking one and a half – is Dawn French busy?!).

All this PC nonsense is getting completely out of hand. If our experience is anything to go by, the women in our lives enjoy Top Gear almost as much as we do for one very good reason – it’s entertainment. Sure, it’s boys and their toys, but that’s the point. It’s the interplay between the opinions of three diverse male presenters with one common love – cars. A woman could well work, but the show works because of the dynamic between Clarkson, Hammond and May. Simple. Not sexist. Just fact.

So where does this end? Will Clarkson get the boot? And if he does, can we expect to see him turn up on the TV at lunchtime as one of the ‘Loose Women’?

Barking mad policies from a Government that’s lost the plot. Or is this just a smokescreen to help us forget about the economy.

I’m totally convinced swine flu is a Government conspiracy to take our minds of our finances – just bung the Mexicans a few bob and Bingo –  we all forget about the mess world Governments have made of our finances!. Now you can add screwing with our favourite TV programmes to the mix.

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  1. Tom says

    There’s already a condescending  token woman introducing Top Gear every week, “Now, boys, on bbc2…”

    Never mind, less than a year now to the election.

  2. Jester44 says

    The right woman would make even a heap of rubbish look sexy. Chevvy Cruze + JC equals dross. Chevvy Cruze + Penelope Cruz = yes please

  3. Pete says

    Does the fact that the presenters on Top Gear act like three old women at times meet with the sexual equality requirements?

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