Top Gear in Lucca with Citroen DS3 Racing, Fiat 500C Abarth and Renault Clio RS

Top Gear in Lucca Italy with DS3 Racing, Clio RS and 500C Abarth

The TG boys in the Piazza in Lucca

Top Gear are filming this week in the City of Lucca in Tuscany with the Citroen DS3 Racing, Fiat 500C Abarth and Renault Clio RS.

Lucca is considered by those who know it to be Tuscany’s best kept secret. With its 16th century walls all round the town, delightful piazzas and medieval centre it is all a picture-book Tuscan town should be.

In fact, even though few know it well Henry James said of Lucca that it is “overflowing with everything that makes for ease, for plenty, for beauty, for interest and good example”. An this last week that included the Top Gear team.

With a new series of Top Gear due to hit our screens in June, there’s been a paucity of leaks about the boys’ adventures. So far we’ve only had Clarkson and May running out of electricity in Lincoln with a LEAF and an iOn to report on.

But now we have Clarkson May and Hammond playing in Tuscany with three rather warm hatches – the Citroen DS3 Racing, Fiat 500C Abarth and Renault Clio RS.

It looks like Jeremy has bagged the DS3 – one of our favourite cars – Richard is in the 500C Abarth and James gets the Clio RS.

We’ve had no feedback yet on what exactly the boys are doing, but in the gallery of photos below – which come from the Facebook page of the City of Lucca – you can see Jeremy driving up a narrow, pedestrian-only street in the DS3, so whatever it is it won’t be straightforward.

The new series – Series 17 – of Top Gear starts in June.

Top Gear in Lucca Photo Gallery

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  1. percy says

    Lucky Top Gear to be in such a beautiful Tuscan city. Lucca really is a gem and so easy to get to from the UK, being a pleasant drive from Pisa.

    Just don’t tell anyone or it’ll only end up full of tourists!!

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