Top Gear: Jaguar E-Type, BMW 1-series M & Alice Cooper

Top Gear Series 17 Sunday 26th June 8pm

Top Gear Series - back for Series 17 on Sunday

Top Gear is back at 8pm Sunday 26th for Series 17. Expect the Jaguar E-Type,  BMW 1-series M & Alice Cooper as the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. Top Gear trailer and Series 17 Photo Gallery too.

As the nice man from the BBC who sent us the Top Gear Series 17 photos said, “The world’s favourite programme about cars and middle aged men falling over returns for a brand new series”; this Sunday 26th June 8pm.

And what goodies do they have in store for us in the new TG series? Well, we already know about the Nissan LEAF jolly to Lincoln and the Hot Hatch expedition to Lucca (including a detour to drive the Monaco F1 Circuit), but neither of those will be in episode one.

What you will get on Sunday is Jeremy celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the E-Type with a £500k modern version (we’re guessing an Eagle E-Type) and a party that includes fighter planes and the Royal Marines. Fitting, really.

Richard gets to go off to sunnier climes – he’s off to South Africa again – to drive an alternative to the Hummer that’s even bigger and more butch than Arnie’s favourite transport.

And James gets to meet up with Amy Williams (gold medal-winning Brit Olympian, no less) as they go and play in a winter wonderland with the Prodrive MINI WRC. But then Amy is a Skeleton Racer (that’s chucking yourself down an ice track on a tea tray) so it makes sense.

Other stuff going on includes the BMW 1-series M generating clods of tyre smoke on the Dunsfold track, and Alice Cooper turning up as this week’s Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.

Top Gear’s back on Sunday. All is right with the world.

Top Gear Series 17 Photo Gallery

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Top Gear Series 17 Video Trailer

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