Top Gear Stig Farm produces New Stig +video

Top Gear Stig Farm

The Top Gear Stig Farm

Top Gear has been secretly breeding Stigs on the Top Gear Farm. And they have a new Stig ready to do the Top Gear Live Shows

It was always going to be a problem when Ben Collins outed himself as the man in the Stig suit and decided he wanted to be recognised as actually being The Stig. Trouble is, he never was the Stig. He was just a very competent racing driver acting out the role of the Stig. So Ben had to go – to Fifth Gear, of all places – and the hunt is on for a new Stig.

Problem is that Top Gear Live is about to travel the world to replenish the coffers of Messrs Wilman, Clarkson, May and Hammond, and the Stig is needed to please the audience at the Live Shows. So what to do? Fortunately TG has a solution – the Stig Farm.

Quietly and without fuss Top Gear has been secretly breeding Stigs for years. Some turn out to be a bit barking, some a bit aggressive. Some find they have gifts that transcend Stigdom and some lust after their fellow Stigs. But once in a blue moon a Stig steps up to the mark and becomes ‘New Stig’.

Fortunately for us we have secret video of the Stig Farm and the discovery of a New Stig up to the job on the Top Gear Live Show. But will he make the new series on TV? We’ll have to wait and see.

Note: Normal TG Video rules apply. The video below is available as we write, but TG has a habit of getting their vids taken down. So if it doesn’t work you can see the Top Gear Stig Farm video on the TG site instead.

Top Gear Stig Farm Video

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