Top Gear Tonight: African Road Trip to find the source of the Nile (Part 2)

The last episode of Top Gear Series 19 – episode 7 – airs tonight as the second part of the ‘Christmas Special’ to find the source of the Nile in Africa.

Photo from Top Gear Tonight: African Road Trip to find the source of the Nile (Part 2)

According to Jeremy Clarkson, the reason we had no Top Gear last autumn, and the reason we’re seeing the Top Gear Christmas Special to find the source of the Nile in Africa in £1500 estates now, is that the BBC schedules were too crammed with stuff like the summer of sport, Strictly Come Dancing and I’m a Z-list Celebrity.

But if the viewing figures for part 1 of the Top Gear special to find the source of the Nile are anything to go by, the Beeb would have been better airing Top Gear than the Autumn fodder of ‘reality’ shows last year, as Top Gear stuffed the current reality show – Dancing on Ice – in last Sunday’s ratings.

So the Beeb are no doubt hoping part 2 of the Africa trip to find the source of the Nile (which we’re convinced will be a dripping tap in a mud hut somewhere) will see a similar number – around 6 million – tuning in to see if Messrs Clarkson, May and Hammond can get the  BMW 5 Series Touring, Subaru Impreza WRX Estate and Volvo 850 R Estate round the worst Africa can throw at them, to reach their mission’s goal.

The three £1500 estate cars do show you can buy half-decent transport for no more than many shell out on a few monthly payments on a new car, although May’s 850R is a bit too ‘road’ to fare really well, and some of our readers are wondering how Hammond (well, the Top Gear production team) managed to find an Impreza WRX Estate for as little as £1500.

Still, it all makes for good viewing and silly antics, of which we’ll get our final fill for this series of Top Gear tonight. But at least Formula 1 is back next week to fill the void.

The Top Gear Christmas Special (part 2) – which is actually episode 7 of series 19 – airs tonight on BBC2 at 8pm.

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  1. Henry says

    I’m on a sojourn with work at the mo so I’m out of the UK and haven’t seen the second part of the Africa Top Gear. So please put me out of my misery and tell me if Top Gear found the source of the Nile!!

    • says

      They claim to have. But it was a puddle of water under a few rocks on a hill at the end of a tributary on the east of Lake Victoria. Which was probably filled with a bucket of water for effect!

  2. Dteamer says

    Not a dripping tap as the source of the Nile then? But it might as well have been. But the second part of the Africa trip was more entertaining than the first but it should still have been a 90 minute special and not 2 two hour episodes.

  3. Dteamer says

    Thought last weeks episode looked a bit dragged out so lets hope the coincluding part of this African adventure delivers.

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