Top Gear Tonight: Toyota GT86, Shelby Mustang GT500 race to Milan & Amy McDonald is SIARPC

Top Gear Series 19 Episode 3 tonight sees Jeremy in the Toyota GT86, a race to Milan’s San Siro Stadium in the Shelby Mustang GT500  & Amy McDonald is SIARPC.

Jeremy Clarkason sliding orange Toyota GT86 image

It’s episode 3 of Top Gear Series 19 tonight, and the first two episodes have been distinctly decent. Tonight’s episode looks promising too.

Unlike last week – when there was no track testing as the boys filled almost all the available time with the supercars on the West coast of America – this week Jeremy gets to grips with the Toyota GT86, a car we already know Jeremy loves, so although you won’t be seeing the GT86 breaking any speed records on the Top Gear track, you will see it sliding. Endlessly.

The feature piece this week is a race to the San Siro Stadium in Milan, with Richard Hammond and James May bagging the usual public Transport straw and Jeremy driving across Europe in something loud and powerful.

This time, just for a twist, Jeremy has been given a limited budget for his continent crushing, so he’s opted for the Shelby Mustang GT500 – American Muscle with a very useful 662bhp on tap – to try and get to the San Siro first and bag the prize of tickets for the match.

Finally, tonight’s star in a reasonably priced car is singing Scot Amy McDonald who, perhaps surprisingly, is a real petrolhead. At just 22yrs old she spent a chunk of the royalties from her immensely successful first album – This is the Life – on an Audi R8, and last year she upgraded to a Ferrari 458. Whether that translates in to a great Top Gear lap time, we’ll see.

Top Gear Series 19 Episode 3 is on BBC2 at 8pm tonight.

Top Gear Series 19 Episode 3 Video Trailer

Image from Top Gear Series 19 Episode 3 video

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