Toyota accelerator recall – explanation, advice +video

The Toyota Auris. Advice and video on the accelerator recall below.

Following on from the recall announced by Toyota yesterday for sticking accelerator problems we have some advice and a video.

Not surprisingly, we’ve had emails and comments left on Cars UK from owners of Toyotas worried about the ‘Sticky Throttle’ recall announced yesterday for Toyota cars in the UK and Europe, not to mention the US. It’s a huge problem for Toyota – and concerned owners – but the truth is that there are probably only a small percentage of Toyotas likely to suffer from the symptoms that have caused the recall. But Toyota can’t take any chances and are recalling every car in the world with the potential to suffer.

So, beyond waiting for Toyota to contact you if you’re the owner of a Toyota Recall car – or calling Toyota GB Customer Relations on 0800 1388 744 – what should you do if you’re unfortunate enough to be driving your Toyota when this problem occurs?

Autoblog in the US – and their sister site AOL Autos – have put together a video explaining the problem and why it’s happening, and also a word or two of advice on what to do if this happens to you. Quite simply you need to get your foot on the brake if the throttle jams (in the video they tell you to get both feet on the brake – but then most Americans don’t understand your left foot’s for the clutch!) get the gearbox in to neutral and get to the side of the road as soon as it’s safe.

Simple advice and well worth heeding. But it is extremely unlikely to happen to you. Although there are lots of reports of this issue around the world they are a minuscule percentage in comparison to the number of Toyotas on the road. This has probably put you off your Toyota, but it shouldn’t. Toyotas are very good cars and this problem could have happened to any car maker. The main point is that it’s being addressed and there is just the tiniest chance it will happen to your Toyota.

But if it does, heed the advice and all should be well.

Update: It looks like AOL have blocked this video in the UK (wasn’t that helpful of them?). So if you want to watch it you’ll have to click on the Autoblog link below the video if you want to see it from the UK.

Toyota accelerator recall explanation & advice video.

Source of video: Aol Autos via Autoblog

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  1. rita gilmore says

    Is my Toyota Tacoma on the recall list? If so, will I be notified by mail soon?It is a 2008 model. I am concerned,not comfortable driving it…in need of some info please, and soon Rita Gilmore

    • CarsUK says

      We’re guessing you’re in North America if you’re driving a Tacoma. The full list of recalled cars for the sticky throttle recall is:

      2009–2010 Toyota RAV4
      2009-2010 Toyota Corolla
      2009-2010 Toyota Matrix
      2009-2010 Pontiac Vibe
      2005–2010 Toyota Avalon
      2007–2010 Toyota Camry
      2010 – 2010 Toyota Highlander
      2007-2010 Toyota Tundra
      2008–2010 Toyota Sequoia

      So it looks like your car isn’t there. But it was on the Floormat recall list, which is:

      2007–2010 Lexus ES350
      2006–2010 Lexus IS
      2005–2010 Toyota Avalon
      2009–2010 Toyota Corolla
      2007–2010 Toyota Camry
      2008–2010 Toyota Highlander
      2009–2010 Toyota Matrix
      2004–2009 Toyota Prius
      2005–2010 Toyota Tacoma
      2007–2010 Toyota Tundra
      2009–2010 Toyota Venza
      2009–2010 Pontiac Vibe

      So if you haven’t had a recall for that then you should call Toyota on 1-800-331-4331.

      Hope this helps

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