Toyota accelerator UK recall announced

The Toyota iQ. Just one of the cars affected with the 'Sticky Pedal' issue in the UK

Toyota has now announced the recall of UK versions of their cars with the sticky accelerator issue. They are contacting owners to arrange the modification.

Yesterday we reported on the huge problem Toyota has had with faulty accelerator mechanisms on cars in the US, and the news that in addition to the 2.3 million cars potentially affected in the US Toyota had revealed that similar issues are probable in Europe and we were expecting a Toyota recall in the UK.

We’ve now heard from Toyota and they’ve issued a recall notice for a number of UK models (full list at the bottom of the page) that are affected by the fault accelerator mechanism.

We noted yesterday that an acknowledgement of the problem was one thing, but with millions of Toyotas affected it was tough to see how Toyota would fix the problem as their supplier – CTS Corporation – has an annual capacity of only 2 million units. But it seems there may be a work-round.

Automotive News are reporting that a fix has been developed which involves using a very low-tech solution – Shims (James May would be impressed). All that seems to be required is inserting a metal shim into a gap in the friction lever of the pedal which will reduce friction and stop the pedal from sticking. Toyota aren’t acknowledging this report officially, but they are said to be testing its effectiveness and are expecting to get the fix out to dealers next week.

At least there seems to be a simpler solution than manufacturing – and fitting – millions of new accelerator mechanisms to Toyotas around the world. But this is still going to be a very expensive exercise for Toyota. Not just on their share price, but in customer confidence too.

If you think the Toyota recall may affect you – and Toyota are estimating up to 1.8 million vehicles in Europe will be affected – then get in touch with Toyota GB Customer Relations on 0800 1388 744.

Toyota faulty accelerator recall UK models.

  • Aygo (Feb 2005 – Aug 2009)
  • iQ (Nov 2008 – Nov 2009)
  • Yaris (Nov 2005 – Sep 2009)
  • Auris (Oct 2006 – 5 Jan 2010)
  • Corolla (Oct 2006 – Dec 2009)
  • Verso (Feb 2009 – 5 Jan 2010)
  • Avensis (Nov 2008 – Dec 2009)
  • RAV4 (Nov 2005 – Nov 2009)

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  1. Ronke Adewusi says

    I have just checked my car against the database of recalled Toyota cars. My car is not included in those being recalled. I am baffled because I experience the stuck pedals regularly. I had two instances last week. I drive a Toyota Auris 2007.
    Does this mean that there are other issues which Toyota is not aware of? I want to believe that there may be other cars Toyota will not be including in this recall. Can someone pls explain what game Toyota is playing? I do not understand it at all!!

  2. Sven says

    I have a 2008 Rav4 which recently had a sticking accelerator. Toyota state Rav4 in UK not affected!,has anyone else experienced problems?


      I also have a 2008 rav4 and on many occasions when i take my foot off the accelerator it shoots on at same speed. at first i thought it was going on to cruise control but this is not the case. i phoned toyota and they said rav4 is not affected???

  3. TOM PEGG says

    My wife bought her yaris ( she,s had 5 alltogether ) in july 09 ,the accelerator pedal dos,nt get stuck but the revs dont die down very quick when she changes up or down ,theres a slight reving ,it dos,nt seem quite right ,its never happened on any of the other yaris,s ,is is anything to do with the ongoing fault ?? ,thanks ,( tom pegg )

    • CarsUK says

      It’s a possibility. If the accelerator is starting to stick it would mean the revs drop more slowly. You should run this by your dealer or call Toyota GB Customer Relations on 0800 1388 744.

  4. Betty Saunders says

    This has just happened with my 3 year old Aygo MMT. It had nothing to do with floor mats, and continued after we removed the mats. Eventually the AA took my car to a garage when it accelerated by itself and tried to drive me through the front of a building! The only way it could be stopped was by switching the engine off, as braking only resulted in blue smoke from the wheels and a screaming engine! The problem was fixed by replacing the entire accelerator assembly, which is a kind of ‘fly by wire’arrangement controlled by a sensor. This happened 2 weeks ago and cost me £246 – Toyota denied all knowledge of such a problem ever being reported before!!

    • CarsUK says

      Sounds like you’ve been short-changed. This issue has been around for quite some time, even though it’s only just hitting the headlines here. If I were you I’d get on to your dealer to get your money back, and if you get no joy there call Toyota GB Customer Relations on 0800 1388 744.

  5. Jean Selby Edge says

    I have just contacted Toyota HQ in Uk as I have had 4 occassions when this problem has happened on my 05 Toyota Yaris. I had put this down to the heavy floor mats riding up in the footwell and each time have physically had to bend forward and release the accelerator. Having phoned the hotline the first person I spoke to said the car was within the recall category and put me through to Toyota HQ. They then told me it was not and to get the mats checked by my Toyota dealer. Is this not a huge co-incidence? I will now be driving without mats for some time and monitor performance.

    • CarsUK says

      There have been big issues in the States with floor mats on Toyotas as well. So whichever it is I’d keep pointing the finger in Toyota’s diection.

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