Toyota GT86 Convertible teased by FT-86 Open Concept for Geneva

A roadster version of the Toyota GT86 now seems certain as Toyota tease an open-topped roadster for Geneva with the FT-86 Concept.

Sketch of FT-86 Open Concept for Geneva, a convertible GT86

It took Toyota a long time to deliver the promise of an ‘affordable’ sports car, but the Toyota GT86 has delivered a proper driver’s car at a sensible price (and you can even have it as a Subaru BRZ if you choose).

So a success with a single sports car model can mean only one thing – more versions of the same car. Extra power is one way to go – and we’ve had more than a whiff of a Toyota GT86 Turbo in the air for some time – but chopping the top off is another. And that’s exactly what Toyota are doing.

Ahead of the 2013 Geneva Motor Show (which is only just over a month away), Toyota are teasing an open-topped version of the GT86 (GT86 Roadster? GT86 Convertible?) which they’ve dubbed the FT-86 Open Concept.

All we have so far is a sketch (above) of what will no doubt turn not just in to the FT-86 Open Concept for Geneva, but a full production version of a GT86 Convertible by 2014.

The FT-86 Open will debut at Geneva next month alongside another Toyota Concept – the Toyota i-Road Concept. Toyota say the i-Road Concept has been conceived as a fun little runaround for personal mobility – almost certainly powered by an electric motor –  and looks to have open wheels at one end and room just for two.

The two concepts will be joined by the production version of the new Auris Touring Sports we saw at Paris 2012, when we’ll get the specs and details for the production version of what will be a unique segment offering – the Auris Touring Sports Hybrid – and a look at a special edition Auris Touring Sports Black ahead of an on sale date later in 2013.

Finally, we’ll get the production version of the new Toyota RAV4 making its debut in Europe.

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