Toyota NS4 Hybrid Concept tease for Detroit

Toyota NS4 Hybrid Concept

Toyota NS4 Hybrid Concept teased

Toyota are teasing a new hybrid concept car – the NS4 – ahead of the Detroit Auto Show in January.

Today it’s Toyota’s turn to roll out the photographer they used last week to take photos of the Lexus concept for Detroit. This time it’s the Toyota NS4 being teased, and it looks like the photographer left his camera where it was after the Lexus shot and just rolled the NS4 in to view.

All we get is the same tight three-quarter front shot, just from the nearside on the Toyota instead of the offside for the Lexus. And that’s about it. No real explanation, no pack drill, no nothing.

All we know is that this Toyota is a new hybrid – Toyota don’t mention plug-in hybrid, so we must assume not – and Toyota are calling it an ‘Advanced’ hybrid. What does that mean? A proper gearbox? No chance. Running all four wheels? Always a possibility. More powerful? Wouldn’t that be nice?

No doubt we’ll get more on the NS4 as we head towards Detroit, and on the Lexus design tease too.

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