Toyota offers 5 year warranty on all cars

The Toyota Auris Hybrid UK

The Toyota Auris Hybrid - now with 5 year warranty

Toyota has revealed that all its cars will now benefit from a five year, 100,000 mile warranty.

It has been a torrid time for Toyota, what with Throttlegate and the associated fallout. But to paraphrase CJ ‘Toyota didn’t get where it is today by giving up’. So it’s fought back. The last offer on new cars was for an extended warranty or three years free servicing. But now they’re upping the ante.

From now all new Toyota cars will come with an inclusive five year, 100,000 mile warranty. There will also be a new campaign running – Your Toyota is My Toyota – with Toyota employees extolling the virtues of Toyota the employer and how wonderful every Toyota is and how they’re built with love and… You get the picture.

All of which is a big part of rebuilding confidence in Toyota, which had basked in an almost unblemished safety and reliability record which had lead it to be the most successful car manufacturer in the world. But it’s not just about rebuilding a reputation. It’s about fighting the Koreans.

Hyundai already offer a five year (unlimited mileage) warranty on their cars. Their products undercut the Japanese on price and are rapidly approaching them on style and build quality. The Koreans are starting to do to the Japanese what the Japanese did to the Europeans and Americans a generation ago.

But the Japanese are reacting quicker than we did.

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  1. JDM Fan says

    What people tend not to realise that Toyota in fact created the most reliable robust engine in the world – the 2JZGTE

  2. Gareth West says

    Just reading the response to the artical above I have to ask one question…. who let the imbecile loose on the keyboard! What you wrote not only makes no sense, but verges on gibberish!!! Seriously, you may have a point to make, but leave it to the Thursday afternoon group sessions with Dr Libfraumilch shall we!!!
    I think its a reasonable response from Toyota, now all they have to do is do something about the hideous design of their hybrid vehicles and appeal to a demographic that is already drawing a pension and they may continue to improve their market share!

  3. Alguien que sabe says

    Actually Toyota is the best car maker as well as the best services is the Toyota’s.
    I can offer ten years with the worst service possible not even admitting the problems with the cars; while Toyota, unlike ‘koreans’ (as this articles says) since the begining has been fighting to get the best quality and the best product and please, check the cars of the begining and you will see a huge difference between both car makers.
    In addition, I can offer whatever but at first and the most important is, the ‘honesty’ and “something” happened in 2007 with Hyundai and Toyota and the things are simple:
    If you are unable to get quality by yourself, you won’t be able to offer a good product by yourself, and sorry but the ‘mask’ is not the ‘car maker’
    – If you were dishonest, you are dishonest –

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