Toyota Prius V MPV debuts

The Toyota Prius V

The Toyota Prius V - a Prius MPV with more luggage space

Toyota has revealed the next instalment in the Prius story. The Toyota Prius V is a Prius MPV with 50% more luggage space than a regular Prius.

We knew Toyota were planning on growing the Prius family. We also knew that the next stage of that was going to be an MPV, or at least a more Cossover type of car. We did think it would be the Prius Alpha. But it’s not. It’s the Toyota Prius V.

The Toyota Prius V has been unveiled at Detroit, but it isn’t an all new Prius, just a new top on the existing third generation Prius underpinnings. That means the same 1.8 litre Atkinson Cycle petrol lump plus a wodge of batteries and an electric motor. A total of 134bhp and a miserable CVT ‘box which make the Prius less than fun and should make the Prius V even less fun.

Offering 50% more luggage space than a regular Prius, the Prius V has, according to Toyota, been “…designed from the ground up with a shape that evolved from Prius rather than being an elongated version.” It has the regular Prius’s five seats but a bigger luggage area. That means 34.3 cubic feet seats up, but there are variations on the seat arrangement with a 60/40 split on the back seats and the ability to fold the front passenger seat flat.

There are some new toys on offer, with a lightweight resin moon roof with retractable shades which is 40% lighter than a regular glass roof. The Prius V also gets fitted with the Entune media system previewed at CES Las Vegas which offers online connectivity to stuff like Bing and Weather Reports, better Nav and Bluetooth. At least in the US.

Another car for the chattering classes to fawn over, and we’ve no doubt the Prius V will sell well. But why are Toyota both extending the Prius range and simultaneously adding hybrid versions to their regular range of cars?

If there has to be a hybrid MPV from Toyota we’d rather have seen a Verso Hybrid.

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