Vauxhall Meriva (2010) revealed

Vauxhall/Opel have revealed the 2010 Meriva

Vauxhall/Opel have revealed the 2010 Meriva

Vauxhall has released details of the new (2010) Meriva ahead of the launch at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Back at the end of September we reported on the 2010 Vauxhall Meriva after our photographers had spied the new Vauxhall tramping round the Nurburgring. As we said, not exactly where you’d expect to find the mini-MPV, but good to see it being properly shaken down. We reckoned on a launch at Geneva before the 2010 Meriva goes on sale in the Summer, and the reveal by Vauxhall/Opel today confirms all that.

It also confirms that the ‘Suicide’ doors from the original 2008 concept have carried over to the 2010 Meriva. We’re not sure how good backwards-hinged doors and young children are going to be, although Vauxhall have been careful to make sure they can’t be opened unless the Meriva is stationary.

The suicide doors could be one of those ‘Good Ideas’ that only work well in theory – a bit like Vauxhall’s ‘Panaoramic’ Screen which bit the dust quickly after huge advertising fanfare (although Citroen are trying the same thing with the C3 Visiodrive) – but the theory of better access etc. is sound enough. Time will tell.

Suicide doors apart, the Meriva is a well thought-out and practical mini MPV. Featuring a mish-mash of design cues from the Astra and Insignia – no bad thing – and includes a waistline ‘kink’ at the back to give children in the rear a better view.

The existing Meriva FlexSpace system has been improved and you can now have just about any configuration of space and seating you want, and the addition of ‘Flexrail’ – a rail running the length of the cabin roof which can hold and position storage bins – is a good move for a car full of kids and their paraphernalia.

With a hybrid platform, longer wheelbase an wider track the new Meriva is a more complete car; a well-thought out and executed mini MPV. There will be a range of six turbo engines offering power from 74bhp to 139bhp. Fuel consumption is 15% improved over the outgoing Meriva, there will be the de rigeur Meriva ECOFlex and prices are expected to be from around £13,950.

Looks very promising.

2010 Vauxhall Meriva Photo Gallery

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  1. says

    tjis car is good for people who have about 2 kids to fit in the back this vauxhall meriva is the biggest vauxhall meriva yet this may not be a 7 seater but slidy doors would be better than the small mpv peugeot 1007 both cars are really cute i think its the right time for a different generation of a vauxhall keeping the other ones for years and years so well done vauxhall keep up the good work after every 8 years vauxhall and opel should gt different generations of cars vauxhall should also get a convertible/sportscar/2 seater vauxhall and opel mostly have big family cars like for 2 adults and 2 kids the zafira is used for people who have more than 3 kids my favourite vauxhall car would be the corsa mk3 and the zafira mk2 they look pretty cool the new vauxhall corsas dont look that much nice its the way the car is shaped the zafira is the best and the corsa i cant pick they are both very good lol

  2. Elaine Usletten says

    is the new vauxhall meriva rweally like that it looks really like a 2010 vauxhall agila but any way does this car have alloy wheels because most cars were i live have them wheels what are black but in how many years would the silver trim come off if i bought this car can u reply back to me

  3. Mark Ferguson says

    Having owned four merivas i was dissapointed in some of the design features that have been changed from the concept car, most noticably the door handles and the wing mirrors, which really made the car stand out and give it the wow factor. Are these returning for the Vxr model if there is to be one?

    • CarsUK says

      It will debut next month at the Geneva Motor Show. All we have so far is it will launch in the ‘Summer’ – probably June. We should get actual dates for the 2010 Meriva launch next month.

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