December 21, 2014

New Honda NSX (almost) revealed in pictures & video

Photo Honda NSX Tease

The new Honda NSX (Acura NSX) is almost revealed in pictures and on video as Honda starts the tease for the production version of the new NSX at Detroit. We get a first look at the new Honda NSX, Honda’s 21st century take on the original NSX, in final production guise as Honda head for […]

Range Rover Sport SVR goes sideways at Rockingham (video)

Photo Range Rover Sport SVR goes sideways at Rockingham

Land Rover USA has put JLR’s chassis guru, Mike Cross, in the new Range Rover Sport SVR and sent him to play at Rockingham to demonstrate the SVR’s handling. The new Range Rover Sport SVR – Land Rover’s answer to the Porsche Cayenne Turbo  – is a monster SUV with enough power and torque to […]

Toyota Mirai FCV – more details, performance figures & video

Photo Toyota Mirai FCV Video

The Toyota Mirai FCV – Toyota’s new hydrogen-powered car – arrives on video revealing more details of the car and details of its performance. Toyota properly revealed their hydrogen fuel cell car last month, and gave it a name – the Toyota Mirai, appropriately Japanese for The Future – promising a car with all the […]

Land Rover Discovery Sport struts its stuff in Iceland (video)

Photo Land Rover Discovery Sport Iceland

The new Land Rover Discovery Sport press launch is currently running in Iceland, so we have new video of the Sport tackling Iceland’s stunning landscape. If you’re going to have a press launch for a serious off-road car, Iceland is as good a pick as any. Which is why there are umpteen new Discovery Sports currently […]

Volvo CRASH the new XC90 in to a ditch (video)

Photo Volvo CRASH the new XC90 in to a ditch

Volvo has been inspired by a white knuckle ride at Legoland to create a ditch crash test for the new XC90 to demonstrate its ability to keep occupants safe. When Volvo was busy teasing us with almost never-ending snippets of information about the new XC90, it was clear they’d gone to extraordinary lengths to make […]

New Bentley SUV teased on video once more

Photo Bentley SUV tease

The new Bentley SUV – aiming to take ultra-luxury SUV sales from the Range Rover – is teased once more on video ahead of a 2015 debut. The new Bentley SUV – which has been in the pipeline ever since the poorly received EXP 9 F concept debuted – is heading for a debut in […]

Jaguar F-Type AWD revealed as part of F-Type range expansion (+video)

Photo Jaguar F-Type R AWD

The all-wheel-drive Jaguar F-Type is now confirmed for a launch at the LA Auto Show as Jaguar reveals the F-Type range will expand from six to 14 models in 2015. We revealed last month that the Jaguar F-Type AWD – the 4×4 F-Type – was heading for the LA Auto Show this month and going […]

Mercedes G-Code Concept – it’s a Mercedes Supermini SUV

Photo Mercedes G-Code Concept

The Mercedes G-Code Concept has been revealed to mark the opening of a new Mercedes R&D Centre in Beijing and possibly preview a future supermini SUV. The world thought Mercedes had lost the plot when it went all ‘Volume’ with the original A-Class, but now it looks like Mercedes are planning to go even smaller with […]

New BMW X5 M & X6 M teased – LA debut likely (+video)

Photo 2015 BMW X5 M

The 2015 BMW X5 M and X6 M – the most powerful versions of the latest X5 and X6 – are teased on video ahead of a likely debut at the L.A. Auto Show. It’s more than a year since the revised BMW X5 was revealed (with the latest X6 arriving this summer) and now it’s time […]

McLaren P1 GTR Driver Programme & interior revealed (+video)

Photo McLaren P1 GTR interior

Details of the P1 GTR Driver Programme for the new McLaren P1 GTR have been revealed, as has the first look at the GTR’s stripped-out interior. Back in August, at Pebble Beach, the McLaren P1 GTR was revealed as a lighter, more powerful track P1 as McLaren looked to mimic the owner benefits Ferrari offers its […]

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