April 19, 2014


Mercedes CLA employs a cat in new advert to demonstrate its aerodynamic shape (video)

Photo Mercedes CLA sliding cat

With the Mercedes CLA – the swoopy coupe take on the Mercedes A-Class – hitting UK roads, Mercedes is using a cat to pitch its aerodynamic credentials. We’re not entirely sure that Mercedes has chosen to focus attention on a cat in a new advert for the CLA to dig at Jaguar’s mickey-take of its […]

Mercedes S-Class Coupe: OFFICIAL

Photo Mercedes S-Class Coupe

The Mercedes S-Class Coupe has been officially revealed ahead of a Geneva Motor Show debut next month as a striking take on a 2-door S-Class. We has high expectations for the replacement for the Mercedes CL after Mercedes revealed the S-Class Coupe Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year. And now the proper production […]

Mercedes A 45 AMG goes off-road in the Desert (video)

Photo Mercedes A 45 AMG Desert

The Mercedes A 45 AMG is a proper little pocket rocket for the road, but Mercedes has taken the A 45 AMG off-road in the desert to show its prowess. The Mercedes A 45 AMG is now starting to appear in small numbers on UK roads after buyers have been tempted to shell out nearly […]

Mercedes GLA 45 AMG on video ahead of Detroit debut

Photo Mercedes GLA 45 AMG video

The Mercedes GLA 45 AMG – the high-riding take on the A 45 AMG – is revealed on video ahead of its debut at the Detroit Auto Show next week. What promises to be the best performing car in the compact SUV/Crossover segment – the Mercedes GLA 45 AMG – was officially revealed this week ahead of […]

Mercedes GLA 45 AMG Concept: Los Angeles Auto Show (video)

Photo Mercedes GLA 45 AMG Concept

The Mercedes GLA 45 AMG Concept – a concept of a range-topping GLA – has been revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Over the weekend we had a teaser video from AMG for the GLA 45 AMG Concept, although Mercedes didn’t actually name it as such. But a GLA with the same powertrain as the […]

Mercedes GLA 45 AMG Concept teased (video)

Photo Mercedes GLA 45 AMG Concept tease

Ahead of a debut at either the Los Angeles or Tokyo Motor Shows this week, Mercedes is teasing a hot version of the new GLA – the GLA 45 AMG. This was a surprise – the Mercedes GLA 45 AMG Concept. With Mercedes take on a compact SUV with the new GLA revealed at Frankfurt […]

New Mercedes S-Class Magic Body Control – invented by Chickens

New Mercedes S-Class Magic Body Control: Invented by Chickens

As part of the PR for the new Mercedes S-Class, Mercedes-Benz has released a video demonstrating it Magic Body Control using chickens. Whatever you think of the new Mercedes S-Class (Merchant Bankers car?), and whatever you think of Mercedes name for its clever suspension tech – Magic Body Control – you have to be impressed […]

Mercedes S-Class INTELLIGENT DRIVE drives itself in Germany (video)

Photo Mercedes S-Class Intelligent Drive

Mercedes has been demonstrating their S-Class Intelligent Drive’s ability to autonomously drive itself by retracing a pioneering drive by Bertha Benz. Whether we like it or not, autonomous cars – those that can drive themselves – are coming, so we may as well embrace the benefits rather than complain about computers taking away the joy […]

Mercedes S-Class Coupe teased: Frankfurt 2013 (video)

Photo Mercedes S-Class Coupe tease

A video tease for the new Mercedes S-Class Coupe Concept has been released by Mercedes-Benz ahead of the S-Class Coupe’s arrival at Frankfurt 2013. Now we have the new Mercedes S-Class in the wild, the next step is the arrival of its various siblings, including the ultra luxury Pullman version. the convertible S-Class and this, […]

2014 Mercedes S65 AMG spied undisguised (video)

Photo 2014 Mercedes S65 AMG spied

The 2014 Mercedes S65 AMG – the top of the range S-Class – has been caught on video undisguised during a photo shoot. We’ve already had the new Mercedes S-Class revealed and its everyday performance version – the new Mercedes S63 AMG – has been unveiled too. But there’s one more S-Class to come – […]

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