March 30, 2015

It’s the Bentley Bentayga SUV – & it’s playing in the sand dunes

Photo Bentley Bentayga SUV tease

-+*Bentley has finally given a name to its upcoming SUV – it’ll be the Bentley Bentayga – as it heads for a 2016 debut to challenge the Range Rover. There was a time when we thought the Bentley SUV would be called the Bentley Falcon. But its seems Bentley wanted something a bit more exotic, so […]

New Honda NSX FINALLY arrives (as Acura NSX): Detroit 2015

Photo 2015 Honda NSX

-+*The new Honda NSX has arrived at the Detroit Auto Show in production guise, complete with a twin-turbo V6 hybrid powertrain expected to deliver 550bhp. It’s taken 25 years since the first Honda NSX arrived for Honda to reveal a new NSX, with lots of false starts on the way and concepts (here and here) […]

New Jaguar XE: Marginal Gains with Sir David Brailsford (video)

Photo New Jaguar XE: Marginal Gains with Sir David Brailsford

-+*The new Jaguar XE gets in the spotlight in this video, with Team Sky’s cycle guru, Sir David Brailsford, explaining why Marginal Gains matter to the new XE. The new Jaguar XE will start appearing on our roads before long, and its importance to Jaguar – as they seek to emulate the big sales growth experienced […]

Mercedes GLE 63 AMG Coupe teased on video for Detroit debut

Photo Mercedes GLE 63 AMG Coupe

-+*The Mercedes GLE 63 AMG Coupe – the range-topping, most powerful version of Mercedes new GLE Coupe – is teased ahead of a Detroit Auto Show debut. Just last week we reported that the Mercedes GLE 63 AMG Coupe, the AMG version of the new GLE Coupe (which is a coupe version of what used to be […]

Alfa Romeo 4C video plays the sexy card

Alfa Romeo 4C sexy video

-+*A new promotional video for the Alfa Romeo 4C in the US aims to portray the 4C as the sexiest car you can buy  – and does a fine job. There was a time when a sexy woman was used to sell everything from soap powder to shoes, and when no self-respecting advert for a […]

New Honda NSX (almost) revealed in pictures & video

Photo Honda NSX Tease

-+*The new Honda NSX (Acura NSX) is almost revealed in pictures and on video as Honda starts the tease for the production version of the new NSX at Detroit. We get a first look at the new Honda NSX, Honda’s 21st century take on the original NSX, in final production guise as Honda head for […]

Range Rover Sport SVR goes sideways at Rockingham (video)

Photo Range Rover Sport SVR goes sideways at Rockingham

-+*Land Rover USA has put JLR’s chassis guru, Mike Cross, in the new Range Rover Sport SVR and sent him to play at Rockingham to demonstrate the SVR’s handling. The new Range Rover Sport SVR – Land Rover’s answer to the Porsche Cayenne Turbo  – is a monster SUV with enough power and torque to […]

Toyota Mirai FCV – more details, performance figures & video

Photo Toyota Mirai FCV Video

-+*The Toyota Mirai FCV – Toyota’s new hydrogen-powered car – arrives on video revealing more details of the car and details of its performance. Toyota properly revealed their hydrogen fuel cell car last month, and gave it a name – the Toyota Mirai, appropriately Japanese for The Future – promising a car with all the […]

Land Rover Discovery Sport struts its stuff in Iceland (video)

Photo Land Rover Discovery Sport Iceland

-+*The new Land Rover Discovery Sport press launch is currently running in Iceland, so we have new video of the Sport tackling Iceland’s stunning landscape. If you’re going to have a press launch for a serious off-road car, Iceland is as good a pick as any. Which is why there are umpteen new Discovery Sports currently […]

Volvo CRASH the new XC90 in to a ditch (video)

Photo Volvo CRASH the new XC90 in to a ditch

-+*Volvo has been inspired by a white knuckle ride at Legoland to create a ditch crash test for the new XC90 to demonstrate its ability to keep occupants safe. When Volvo was busy teasing us with almost never-ending snippets of information about the new XC90, it was clear they’d gone to extraordinary lengths to make […]