January 30, 2015

New BMW M4 on track at Brands Hatch with Andy Priaulx (video)

Photo BMW M4 Coupe Brands Hatch

To show just how good the new BMW M4 Coupe is, BMW let World Touring Car Champion Andy Priaulx loose with the M4 at Brands Hatch. BMW tends not to shout as loudly about the performance of its cars as it used to, but they’ve finally released video of the new M4 in the hands of […]

Audi A3 saloon gets the Ricky Gervais treatment for USA (video)

Photo Ricky Gervais Audi A3

Audi in the USA are using Ricky Gervais and Queen’s ‘We are the Champions’ to get America to fall in love with the new Audi A3 saloon. Audi of America has launched an advertising campaign for the new Audi A3 saloon featuring Ricky Gervais and a soundtrack of Queen’s ‘We are the Champions. Which doesn’t seem the […]

Land Rover confirm expanding Discovery range: Geneva Motor Show (video)

Photo Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover has confirmed the expansion of the Discovery range to include a replacement for the Freelander. First new model in 2015. We’ve known for some time that Land Rover will have three ranges of vehicles in future: The Luxury Range Rover range, a lifestyle/leisure range badge Discovery and the more utilitarian – and possibly […]

New Volvo Concept Estate – the Videos

Photo new Volvo Concept Estate Video

Three videos featuring the new Volvo Concept Estate which previews Volvo’s next generation of Estate cars and debuts at Geneva 2014. We had the reveal of the new Volvo Concept Estate this week ahead of its Geneva debut. And it does look impressive. Just like the two previous concepts from Volvo (the Concept Coupe and […]

Chris Harris finds the McLaren P1 “a whole new thing” (video)

Photo Chris Harris and McLaren's Chris Goodwin in the McLaren P1

Drive man Chris Harris gets let loose with the new McLaren P1 on the roads of Dubai and the Yas Marina track in this video review. We know the McLaren P1 is exceptional, and we’ve heard almost the same ‘game changer’ dialogue from anyone who’s driven it. We’ve also seen the McLarenj P1 on the […]

New BMW 2-Series Active Tourer arrives as BMW’s first front-wheel-drive car (+video)

Photo new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer

The new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer has been revealed ahead of a Geneva Motor Show debut as BMW’s new, front-wheel-drive MPV. Price from under £23,000. Many will see it as sacrilege that the new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer MPV is front-wheel-drive, but pragmatists will see it as a sensible move to extend BMW’s depth of offerings. Whichever […]

Fiat 500L gets a helping hand from P Diddy (video)

Photo Sean Combes P Diddy Fiat 500L

Fiat in the US are trying hard to convince buyers that the new Fiat 500L is a bigger, and very appealing new Fiat with help from P Diddy. Fiat has done well to convince a trendy section of American car buyers that the Fiat 500 is a funky, cute and desirable runaround – especially if […]

New Ferrari California T gets new twin turbo V8 with 49% more torque (+video)

The new California T (pictured) revealed ahead of a Geneva debut

The new Ferrari California has been revealed ahead of a Geneva Motor Show debut with a new 552bhp twin turbo V8 with 557lb/ft of torque. It’s been a long time since Ferrari gave one of its cars a turbo charged engine, not since the late ’80s and the Ferrari F40, but that all changes – […]

Audi S1 & S1 Sportback revealed with 228bhp (+video)

Photo Audi S1 Sportback

The Audi S1 Quattro has been revealed as a 228bhp pocket rocket with a six-speed manual ‘box, as a three-door or five-door Sportback. Audi has been threatening a quattro driven A 1 as a full production model ever since the limited edition A1 Quattro arrived two years ago with 252bhp and a very big price […]

Mercedes S-Class Coupe: OFFICIAL

Photo Mercedes S-Class Coupe

The Mercedes S-Class Coupe has been officially revealed ahead of a Geneva Motor Show debut next month as a striking take on a 2-door S-Class. We has high expectations for the replacement for the Mercedes CL after Mercedes revealed the S-Class Coupe Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year. And now the proper production […]

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