Volkswagen E-Bugster Cabriolet: Beijing 2012

Volkswagen E-Bugster Cabriolet

Volkswagen E-Bugster Cabriolet

VW are revealing the E-Bugster Cabriolet at Beijing 2012, a drop-top version of the electric E-Bugster we saw at Detroit in January.

It would be nice to think that the VW E-Bugster Cabriolet previews how the new Beetle Cabrio will look when it arrives. But it doesn’t. Any more than the E-Bugster from Detroit in January was the new Beetle with an electric motor. More’s the shame.

The E-Bugster Cabriolet is the Bugster with the roof chopped off, but in a most appealing way. Instead of sitting like a pram hood – old Beetle Cabrio style – the E-Bugster Cabrio’s roof sits beneath a body-coloured panel with ‘Speedster’ hoop shapes on the flat deck.

The flat roof cover extends from the back of the front seats leaving a flat rear deck with a spoiler at the back. It’s a look that works well and makes the E-Bugster very visually appealing. It’s just a shame it’s an EV.

Under the skin is a 114bhp electric motor said to be capable of scooting (if that’s the right word) the E-Bugster Cabrio to 62mph in 10.8 seconds. If only VW had chosen to fit something like the 1.4 TFSI from the Polo GTI with 180 horses and a DSG ‘box.

Now that would have made the (E) Bugster really appealing.

VW E-Bugster Cabriolet Photos

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