Volvo V40 & V40 Cross Country: 2014 updates announced

Volvo are updating the new V40 for 2014 with new engine and gearbox options and a new 4WD option for the V40 Cross Country in Europe.

Photo of Volvo V40 R-Design

It seems like the all new Volvo V40 (a car we like a lot) has only been with us five minutes, but Volvo are already updating the V40 for 2014 with some new engine and gearbox options.

There’s a new petrol engine choice – to go with the existing T3, T4 and T5 – in the 120PS T2 petrol engine, a 1.6 litre which offers 53.3mpg and emissions of 124g/km, a good choice if you don’t like to hustle, don’t do big mileage and pay your own bills.

As well as a new engine option, Volvo are offering an auto option on the V40 D2 and V40 R-Design D2 which manages economy of 68.9mpg and emissions of 102g/km. Again, a good idea if you don’t live in London and pay your own bills.

But if you’re a London driver or run a company car then the latest V40 D2 with a manual ‘box – which was at Geneva along with Volvo’s mass range facelift – now comes with reduced emissions of just 88g/km and economy of 83.1mpg and can be had with the D2, D2 R-Design or D2 Cross Country (although the Cross Country is a bit thirstier).

Volvo V40 Pictures

Across Europe there’s also the option of 4WD arriving on the Volvo V40 Cross Country T4 petrol as well as on the T5 (the only option in the UK) which makes sense. Although it would make more sense to offer 4WD on the top end of the diesel engines too – and in the UK, please.

On the toys front, the V40 now gets Volvo’s latest Sensus Connected Touch which puts you online from a 7″ touchscreen that can even be operated with gloves on (Smartphone makers take note) and offers full browsing (although not when you’re driving) Internet radio, Google Maps, WiFi share and Spotify along with just about anything you can do online.

The new V40 options will get priced in April and be available immediately for new V40 orders.

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  1. Dave Price says

    I’d have a V40 Cross Country in a heartbeat, if only I could have the D4 with AWD. It’s madness not to offer four wheel drive on the more powerful diesel engines as well as petrol.

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