VW Polo 2010 – is it timeless?

The 3-Door VW Polo is now available to order in the UK

The VW Polo is ‘Timeless’. Apparently.

Volkswagen is running an online campaign to promote the new 2010 Polo, asking readers to vote for the 50 most timeless objects in five categories.

The dictionary defines timeless as ‘Unaffected or unchanged by time’. The beauty of the Mona Lisa; the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel; the music of Mozart. Things that were of their time but remain as relevant today as when they were first created. And now, apparently, you can add to that the 2010 Volkswagen Polo.

VW’s started to dip a toe in the waters of the Interweb of late. They ran a convincing social media campaign to raise awareness of the Tiguan by drafting in amateur car reviewers to compete to win a new Tiguan. We even ran updates on the ‘People’s Reviewer‘ campaign. It was convincing and relevant. Buoyed by that success they’re having a bash with the new VW Polo by running an online poll to decide the 50 most timeless objects in the categories of  TV, Design, Food, Music and Fashion. Winners get the items voted for and the chance to win a new Polo. Fair enough.

But has VW thought this through? Surely to be timeless something has to be unchanged? Isn’t that the whole point? By changing it becomes contemporary, not timeless. And surely VW don’t want us to think that the Polo is unchanged? Maybe they’d have been better of running a poll to discover which icons have been made contemporary by clever innovation? In car terms, perhaps what Fiat’s done with the 500 (although sadly not what VW’s done with the Beetle). It would make more sense.

But let’s not take anything away from the new Polo. It isn’t timeless, but it is very contemporary and relevant. Always an economical and reliable little car, the Polo has changed in to a very saleable car in its latest iteration. It’s stylish and accommodating and offers enough trim and engine options to suit most buyers looking for a top-drawer small car.

Hats off to VW, though. We may be less than convinced by the ‘Timeless’ campaign, but it’s good to see them utilising what the web offers and involving themselves with their customers. And grabbing a few new ones on the way.

And if you want to vote for the Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show or the LBD (little black dress) or Prawn Cocktail jump over to Volkswagen’s Timeless 50 and cast your vote for that which you consider to be the most timeless.

But try to make sure your choice really is timeless.

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  1. James George Bennett says

    I96 have had three VW’s since passing my driving test in 1984. I had a VW Golf (white) registration number OAB 217P. I had a VW polo C96 UNP and a VW Polo VN02 RLU. I had a slight car accident and my car was wriien off by the insurance company. Yhey gave me the listed price of £2,100 for my polo. I now have no car. How can I get a new polo with £2,000 deposit and pay about £120 per month until completed payment. Or how can I win a new polo? I love VW cars as my dad had a VW Varient years ago! They are a good, reliable, Extremely safe car to drive and extremely proud to own!

    Kindest Regards,

    James George Bennett,
    29, Oakhill Avenue,
    Worcestershire, DY10-1LZ.
    E-Mail: j.bennett6@btinternet.com

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