VW Tiguan Review – the People’s Final lineup

A good try girls! But it didn'[t manage toi swing the vote your way. Shame!

A good try girls! But it didn't manage to swing the vote your way. Shame!

We’ve reported a few times over the last few months on VW’s campaign to find an amateur reviewer (and to raise the profile of the VW Tiguan in the process) and they now seem to have got together a final lineup before a verdict gets announced this coming weekend.

In the final heat, Harriet Gore beat Kaela Marshall and Peter Selous-Jones  to determine the Group 3 winner. The results were announced today. Harriet, the children’s charity worker, used her connections in the charity community to take an early lead, and she held on against a spirited effort by both Kaela and Peter. Kaela printed up flyers to distribute throughout the community of Rochdale in the final weekend of the vote, and Peter went out to his mates in the fire-fighting community to get out the vote. Kaela’s car washing antics with friends (see picture above) should have secured her win, though!

Harriet writes on her Twitter feed that she plans to donate the car to the Romanian Relief charity if she wins. A sweet gesture, but will it be enough to swing the vote her way in the finals this weekend?

Harriet will be competing against Group 1 winner Eric Banton and Group 2 winner Johnny Hindle in the finals, to be staged Saturday at a few locations around England.

We’ll keep you posted on the final result, and maybe we’ll get the winner to write up a Cars UK review in the future!

And if you care enough about who wins – even though the girls in the bikinis are out – you can vote at The People’s Reviewer.

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