Alfa Romeo to drop MiTo & Giulietta & go RWD

It seems Alfa Romeo are planning to drop the MiTo and Giulietta in 2015 and move to new platforms spawning two new saloons and two SUVs.

Photo Alfa Romeo 4c

The Alfa 4C (pictured) is the first part of Alfa’s plans to make proper drivers cars

The argument has always been made that you’re not a real petrolhead unless you’ve owned an Alfa. But really, it’s quite some time since Alfa made proper petrolhead cars.

In recent years Alfa’s focus has been on competing in the mainstream hatch market, with cars like the MiTo and Giulietta, and credible though those cars are, they’re more Fiat than Alfa.

But it seems – according to Georg Kacher – that Sergio Marchinonne sees Alfa’s future as one tied more to Maserati than Fiat and is planning a radical shakeup of all that underpins Alfa.

That will mean the end of the MiTo and Giulietta by 2015 to be replaced by a RWD Giulia and a new RWD Alfetta built on a platform developed with Maserati and intended to take the fight to the Germans.

First on the scene in will be a new Giulia aimed at the BMW 3-Series and C-Class followed by a new Alfetta in 20167 aimed at the 5-Series and E-Class. They will be followed up by a pair of SUV/Crossover models  in the following years.

There will be crossover from Aserati too for the new Alfas with Alfa having access to Maserati’s V6 engines and hybrid powertrains and the very good ZF 8-speed ‘box will be available.

It’s all part of Marchinonne’s plans to triple sales of the Alfa brand and take it back to producing beautiful cars that are also a joy to drive.

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