Porsche Macan means 1,000 extra jobs at Porsche

The Porsche take on the Audi Q5 – the new Porsche Macan – looks set to be Porsche’s biggest selling model ever and means 1,000 new jobs at Porsche.

Photo Porsche Macan sketch

The ‘baby’ Cayenne – the Porsche Macan – is Porsche’s take on the Audi Q5 and a model that looks set to take Porsche’s sales to levels undreamed of a decade ago (pre-Cayenne).

But although the Macan is based on the Q5 – just as the Cayenne shares its underpinnings with the Q7 and Touareg – Porsche say it will still be a red-blooded Porsche – the ‘Sports’ car in its sector – when it goes on sale later in 2013, so we don’t expect to see a lethargic eco diesel under the bonnet, although a fettled 2.0 litre TDI is highly likely.

What will be more interesting is to see how Porsche differentiate the Macan from its Audi cousin. We know Porsche are working to make the Macan more dynamic-looking after the Range Rover Evoque made them re-evaluate the ‘Baby Cayenne’ looks, but making a performance Macan stand out against the new Audi SQ5 will be no simple task.

Now, with the Macan about to go in to production – and big sales numbers predicted – Porsche are hiring more than 1,000 new staff for the Macan Plant in Leipzig (home to the Cayenne and Panamera too) – doubling the current workforce as part of a €500, investment in Leipzig – with Porsche’s man, Dr. Oliver Blume, calling for workers with ‘Petrol in their blood’ to apply.

The truth is that most Macans will probably be diesel, so perhaps Herr Doctor should be calling for workers with DERV in their blood instead, but it makes the point that Porsche want car lovers on the payroll, even if they won’t ever get close to a 911 whilst bolting endless Macans together.

The new Porsche Macan is likely to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September before arriving in Porsche showrooms in early 2014. If you fancy bolting the Macan together for Porsche you can see what jobs are on offer at www.porsche-leipzig.com/personal.

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  1. Chris. says

    From the looks of the Macan, it will be as ugly as its bigger brother the Cayenne. I know they are popular, but the Cayenne has got to be the ugliest SUV on the market.

      • Chris. says

        I agree it is capable but most? I’d reserve that for the new Range Rover. And with the new aluminium Range Rover Sport which will be shown this month at the New York Auto Show, it is going to give the Cayenne a run for its money, especially in 5 litre supercharged form.

        • says

          As a sporty SUV the Cayenne has been unbeatable (and it’s surprisingly able off-road too) but agree the new Range Rover is the ‘best’ a luxury SUV can be. And yes, we too hope that the 5.0 litre S/C 2014 Range Rover Sport will prove as able as the Cayenne on-road.

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