Exclusive: Spyker drop Peking-Paris D12 in favour of D8

The Spyker Paris-Peking D8 will show at Franfurt and cost just under £200k

The Spyker Peking-Paris D8 will show at Frankfurt and cost just under £200k

The Spyker Peking-Paris has been threatening to make its way in to production for what seems like a very long time now. However, Spyker has been beset by problems – mainly financial – for years, which has limited both their production and development capabilities, but recent investment from Russia has finally solved those problems, and Spyker is again starting to move forward.

Cars UK has learnt that the clincher for the Russian investment was the investor’s love of the Peking-Paris, so with money in the kitty Spyker are pushing ahead with the car at speed. But it has been decided that a V12 Peking-Paris is a step to far, so there will be no D12 version. Instead, the Spyker will be the D8, sporting a yet to be revealed supercharged V8 with ‘at least’ 550bhp.

But apart from the pragmatic decision to produce just the V8 Spyker Peking-Paris D8, much of what we’ve seen of the car at shows over the last few years remains the same (as in the gallery below).

So how close are Spyker to getting the D8 out? Well, our sources tell us that the first car will be shown at Frankfurt in September and in Spyker showrooms in Europe straight away. Price? We’re told it will just nudge under £200k in the UK.

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