Honda Jazz / Honda Fit recall – faulty electric window switch

The Honda Jazz Recall

Honda is recalling the Jazz/Fit to replace faulty electric window switches

Honda is recalling almost 650,000 Honda Jazz / Honda fit models for faulty electric window switches which can cause a fire. 171,000 UK Honda Jazz affected.

It’s not exactly on the scale of the Toyota recall for a sticking throttle, but nevertheless the announcement by Honda that they are recalling almost 650,000 (MY 2002-2008) Honda Fits (that’s the Honda Jazz in the UK) around the world is another blow to a Japanese car maker just as the worst of the auto industry woes of the last year or two seem to be easing.

The European Honda Jazz recall seems only to affect RHD cars, so it looks like it’s just the UK that needs a fix to the master window switch on the driver’s door on 171,00 models here. If the window gets left open for long periods – or if there are long periods of heavy rain – water can get in to the switch and cause it to malfunction and, at worst, catch fire.

There have only been three cases so far of the switch actually catching fire – one in South Africa which caused a fatality (but under very odd circumstances) and two in the US – but it’s still a cause for concern and is going to do the Japanese reputation for well-built cars no good at all.

The fix requires either a new switch or the fitment of a waterproof skirt round the master switch to stop the possible ingress of water. Honda are saying that they are contacting owners of the Jazz / Fit to arrange for the work to be carried out. But if you’re concerned we’d suggest calling Honda’s Customer Care on 0845 200 8000, or if you’re in the US the number is 1-800-999-1009.

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  1. Matt Borkowski says

    Our 2007 Honda Fit burned up a rainy Wednesday night last week (5/12) while parked in a downtown Pgh parking garage. There was apparently an electrical fire and the whole front end smoldered, burned and melted down. Thankfully no one was hurt, but the car is a total loss, along with its contents and smoke damage to the building. We’re really glad it was not in our parent’s garage attached to their new house that night.

    We had just taken the car to the local dealership on 4/29 (with 35,081 mileage) to have it serviced and to have the recall issue addressed regarding electrical fires starting in rainy conditions.

    What should we reasonably expect from our insurance company, the dealerships, and the manufacturer?
    Is there anything we should/shouldn’t do?
    Do specific factors — such the recall, service, and/or warranty status (36,000 miles/3years – expiring 6/15/2010) — make a difference?

    I used to love Honda, until my 2007 Honda Fit spontaneously combusted while sitting parked in a garage on May 12, 2010. I’m still waiting for *someone* from Honda to step up & take ownership of this problem — whether the Honda Dealer we bought it from, the Honda Service Center that had “fixed” the fire recall problem 10 days earlier, or from the Honda corporate office. This sure isn’t the reliability or customer service that I expected in buying a NEW car from them not even 3 years ago. Since when does “3 year warranty” translate as “Talk to your insurance.” Check out these crazy pics of the car after its melt-down:

  2. Jonathan says

    Hiya, I Work For Honda In England And All It Is Is a solder that gets wet from condensation water rain snow etc. and just corrodes it and causes malfunction that’s all jonathan

  3. Cheryl Garcia says

    I have had this switch replaced already once and yesterday the switch failed again complete with smoke coming from the switch/ arm rest area. Windows have periodically operated on their own going up and down. Dealer who replaced the first one says doesn’t know why and yesterday says he has never heard of such a thing. It is a water/ snow problem and no I don’t drive with the window down. Just going through a toll booth in heavy rain is enough. Opening the door of a snow covered car, allowing snow to fall immediately onto the swich area will do it. I am in the US

  4. Julie Aberdein says

    I am fed up with Honda. I only received my letter about this today and now looking at news stories this fault has been around for a while.
    This is the second time my car has been recalled to fix a fault in the past 18 months. I work and have a small child and to have to take my car to a dealer is a pain. I had a golf for years and never had to do any recall. I spoke to customer relations this am and they just said sorry. Not any other compensation. Once is fine but twice will make me think twice about getting a Honda every again. Ok so there has only been 3 fires but still who knows what the risk is.

  5. Anthony Allen says

    It affects the Jazz 2002-2008 Right hand door Master switch, when water gets in. Honda are to cover switches that are OK, but replace any switches affected already. Jazz owners are to be sent a letter to take to their dealer, but my dealer hasn’t even any parts as yet and says he cannot do anything until Honda send the parts and we all get this letter. Honda said to me they are sending them out now or very soon.
    Lets hope no major incident happens meanwhile.

  6. Willem says

    If two of the cases of switches catching fire were in the US, why does the recall only affect RHD vehicles? I own a LHD Jazz, so I’m a bit concerned (even though common sense tells me to be careful not to let any electronic bits get wet). If I don’t hear from my dealer I guess I’ll have to ask them first…

    • CarsUK says

      It appears it’s down to where they’re made and the spec. In Europe the recall only affects RHD Honda Jazz models with electric windows which DON’T have the auto-close feature. The US recall is for the Honda Fit, which is the same car but perhaps doesn’t come with the auto-close feature and so uses the same part affecting the RHD Jazz. I suppose it’s possible that if yours happens to be a UK supplied LHD Jazz it could be affected, but you appear to be in Belgium so shouldn’t have a problem. But if you’re concerned then check with Honda in Belgium.

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