Is the McLaren P1 order book about to close?

We’re hearing that McLaren is ready to close the order book for their P1 supercar before the specification – or the car – have been fully revealed.

McLaren P1 image

McLaren are working up to the 2013 Geneva Motor Show and the full reveal of the production version of the first McLaren hypercar since the 1990s F1 – the McLaren P1.

We’ve had the reveal of the P1 Concept – and seen it floating round the world as McLaren drum up potential customers with enormous bottomless pockets – and we’ve even seen the P1 on the move as McLaren shake down the development version of the P1.

But so far we haven’t had the full specs of the P1 revealed and, as far as we can tell, McLaren hasn’t even divulged the full details of the P1’s power and performance to potential customers – no matter how wealthy they are. But that hasn’t stopped orders flooding in.

Now, after a conversation today with a guy who is already a McLaren owner and about to put a deposit down on the P1, we learn that McLaren are about to close the order book on the P1 – certainly for the time being – as they’ve sold all they plan to make initially.

We do know that back in November McLaren had already taken deposits on around 120 P1s, and now it seems they must be getting close to the limit of orders as our man has been told order books on the P1 will close in mid-February.

So if you’re a petrolhead plutocrat, best you give Ron a ring in Woking and flash the plastic. Time is ticking.

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