Mercedes – Best Customer Service in UK. Hmmm

The Mercedes C-Class BlueEfficiency

Mercedes have won an award for the Best UK Customer Service

Mercedes has won an award for the best customer service by a car maker in the UK, despite the huge issues surrounding failures in their BlueEfficiency cars.

Mercedes has been declared to have the best customer Service in the car industry in the UK, according to a survey by the Institute of Customer Service. Which is a nice big feather in their cap. Mercedes have tried very hard to re-claim the reputation they once had for high quality products and service and – to a great degree – they’ve achieved that.

But as we’ve reported recently – and as the hundreds of comments left on articles here on Cars UK attest – everything is not exactly a bed of roses for Mercedes Customer Services at the moment. And hasn’t been for a few months. All because Mercedes are stone-walling on a huge problem they have with their BlueEfficiency engines in the Mercedes E Class and C Class.

Mercedes claims the problem with faulty injectors on the BlueEfficiency cars with the OM651 engine are small. We know the numbers run in to thousands in the UK and tens of thousands throughout Europe. Yet Mercedes policy is just to wait until the cars break down and then address the issue. Even then, many cars have been repaired with faulty injectors and subsequently failed a second, third and even fourth time. There have been Cars UK readers whose cars have broken on the outside lane of a motorway; been left at the roadside for hours in sub-zero temperatures waiting for recovery and many, many tales of woe.

The survey declaring Mercedes to have the best customer survey was actually done in late November. Before the faulty injectors problem became a huge issue for Mercedes. And the respondents to the survey were – as is usually the case with surveys like this – opt-in respondents. Which means they’ve chosen to regularly fill in surveys from the third-party company used by the Institute of Customer Service. ‘Semi-Pro’ form fillers, you may say.

There were 26,000 respondents to the survey. Which is a very good number, and should give a very valid result. Even if you ignore the ‘Semi -Pro’ status of the form fillers. But actually, only a small percentage of the 26,000 answered questions on Mercedes’ Customer Service. The Institute of Customer Service told Cars UK that only respondents who actually has experience of Mercedes Customer Service could respond to that particular question. But they couldn’t tell us how many that was.

We’re not finding fault with the Institute of Customer Service. Their surveys are as relevant as any such survey ever can be. And they are of the moment. But their results would be completely different if they did the survey now and actually asked 26,000 owners of cars bought in the last year what they thought of their car maker’s customer service.

We think Mercedes would be much nearer the bottom than the top. Along with Toyota. And Honda. But at least the Japanese companies are acknowledging their problem and pro-actively fixing cars that have never actually developed a problem.

Which is a world away from waiting for cars to pack up all together before anything gets done. With the endless grief and possible safety issues that presents.

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  1. Mr m Joseph says

    I have E 240 2002 when I bought the car in 2012 I took the car to Mercedes Brentford to have the S B C PUM CHECK OUT BECAUSE IT WAS MAKING A LOUD NOISE WHEN PUMPKIN THEY TOLD ME IT WAS NORMAL. Two weeks ago I lost all the breaks on the car almost had an accident just manage to pull over in the bus lane almost hitting the bus stop, I waited 10 hours for the RAC CANT GET CAR OUT OF PARK. The car is now fix but S B C PUMP STILL MAKEs A NOISE, payed £1257.00 mercedes promise to take full responsibility pending inspection of the pump still waiting for a full refund.
    AJOSEPH KX52yzj

  2. Jim Cullumbine says

    I bought a Mercedes E280 Elegance in January 2008 with 4300 miles on the clock. Warranty ran out in July 2010 and in December 2010 I took it back to my local deal for the 3rd time with steering hydraulic problems. On this occassion they checked the system and concluded it needed a new steering rack at £2800!!! The car has been serviced “only” by Mercedes and has a meagre 37000 miles on the clock. Mecedes have offered a deirisory 50% goodwill gesture towards the cost!!! Is this or is it not a quality car? I have had Rep. cars that have gone round the clock without needing a new clutch let alone a new steering rack!! Mercedes customer service attitude is appalling and as such I will be returning to Audi asap!!

  3. terrie beardsmore says

    I am really dissapointed in my new Eclass with its blue efficency let down engine. Right from the word go it was terrible starting and then on the day my Mother died it broke down. I was supplied another car and we lost it for over a month. We then had it back to find there was a large and deep scratch on the rear passenger door which it then had to go back in to be resprayed and still it was crap starting Totally fed up on Friday 11th June with it not starting I took it back to the garage and demanded it be done and I want to change it as I have no faith in the car at all. Lets see what happens

    • Harvey K says

      I just can’t wait for the next installment in this fascinatingly exciting and well-written story… let’s see what happens indeed!

  4. Darren Weavers says

    Mercedes Hull knowingly sold me a C Class 220cdi Sport with the Injector Issue it actually took 3 days to fail! But at that point I accepted it was probably just a small fault…little did I know!

    It failed completely at 4800 miles and was told it was an injector issue, did some research and clearly both Mercedes of Hull and Mercedes UK sold the car to me with a major fault!

    I attempted to return the vehicle with no luck so far but after taking part in an article in the Sunday Times (published next week I think) regarding this issue and the thousands of cars with the fault! I think I may be successful especially now I have started writing letters and asking questions about at what point they knew of this problems (I know for a fact it was months before they sold me the car)

    I am disgusted with the service from Mercedes, their attitude to customers and their lack of car for them…another Mercedes in the future? I don’t think so!

  5. Steven Dee says

    I have recently contacted mercedes uk to aak how I was going to be compensated for my inconvenience of my c class breaking down with injector problems aswell as it previously breaking down with other problems. I was asked by the man. Would I like a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers?. Only that was gobsmacked by this I would have took it further. Unfortunatley I never got his name. Just thought I would share this story as I’m sure many will find this amusing

  6. Cemberk Miçoo?ullar? says

    Purchased a 250CDI 6 mounths ago. After 3 month my car failed to run so i delivered to its service.

    They told me injection system’s cables were damaged by a mouse attack (or some animal like that) so they replaced 2 of 4 injections. (I paid that repairment costs.)

    A week later my car failed on holiday road and 2nd time my MB was on the service road. This time they told me it is because of replacement failure. 2 injections failed because it had to changed by full 4 injection set. And so all injections replaced by a brand new set.

    A week ago my car failed 3rd time on a business trip. i waited 6 hours at Antalya mountains for service car. At last they came and told me they knew about injection problems and they claimed it is only special for Turkiye because of poor diesel quality of country. And they told me they have new designed injections especially for this problem. If it fails again they assured me they will give me a new Mercedes.

    They car is 83,813€ in Turkiye and i think that i bought a problem with it :S

  7. Eddie O'Donnell says

    Purchased an E250 cdi Sport in October 2009. Vehicle went into limp mode on Sun 28 feb 2010 having covered 3900 miles. At this point I am still awaiting return of the car. To date nobody from MBUK or the dealer has contacted me, all info has been extracted by calling both parties. today I have learned that MBUK will offer no support to dealers where a customer attempts to reject the car. I had the same problem many years ago with the first cdi Sprinters when exactly as now MB attempted to resolve the problem of faulty injectors by changing 1 or 2 untill they had to capitulate and change all 4.

    I am sure this item has failed due to value engineering, however it is the total lack of support and zero communication which has left my patience tested. I will delay the purchase of two replacement Vito vans until my car is returned and a satisfactory compensation package is agreed. It does beg the question how will they inform me as nobody has requested a contact number!!

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